Your Team and Document Ownership

It is important for most teams and companies to have an owner of the documents they use – usually someone that will update, maintain, and correct templates as they are used in your day to day operations.  This makes the documents secure and provides a degree of quality control for your templates and reports.

This is important and useful for teams of any size, as consistency and security are both important factors in providing prompt, accurate data.  But how do you ensure your files stay that way, and how to you provide ownership for files to new owners as your team grows and changes?

What Is Document Ownership?

Whenever an audit or template document is created, the user that creates it is designated as the Owner of that file.

An Owner has full View, Edit and Delete permissions with every file they create; this is the same as the permissions that are granted to users in the Sharing system.

This means an Owner of a file has the ability to see their file, change it, and delete it at their discretion.  Users that are not designated as an Owner are only able to use the file in accordance with the document Permissions that are assigned to it.

How Can I Change Document Ownership to Another User?

To change the Ownership of a document, you would first need access to the account that owns the file.  You can log into your account on the iAuditor web app here.

  1. Navigate to the Templates or Audits sections, depending on the type of file that Ownership needs to be changed for.
  2. Click the name of the file in question, then click ‘Sharing.’
  3. At the top of the small window you should see ‘Template Owner’ or ‘Audit Owner.’  Click here to expand a list of users that can be changed to the document’s Owner.  You can also add an email address in the field above to add a user that may not be in your organization.


A document may only have one Owner at this time; it is important to review your document Owners frequently to account for team moves and organisation changes.