It was wonderful catching up with each one of you to review all things iAuditor, product roadmap, and of course, your ideas and feedback. Since we don’t always have time to review all of your questions live, we wanted to take a chance to post your questions with their corresponding answers. We hope that you can also take a moment to review and learn from other’s questions to see what common discussion points you may have.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through chat, phone, or email if you have any other questions.

Can this webinar be viewed at a later date?Yes definitely. It will be sent to you via email for you to view later and even share with other team members who may have missed the session. APAC
How do you extract the information from these reports?Currently, you can export reports as a CSV (Excel) file.APAC
The renaming of incidents makes sense! Is renaming Failed items as Flagged items still on the table?The name change for Failed Items is still very much on the table, but it has been postponed to address other areas of the product first. APAC
Is there any way we can implement a filing system for completed inspections? Searching for a specific inspection takes a while and it is very difficult to locate it?Thanks for your feedback! While it's not on the roadmap, I think a foldering system is an interesting one. For now, the best way to narrow down your searches is to leverage the naming convention/title of your report. Naming the reports with key information allows you to search by this and find the specific Inspection. This support document will take you through the process.
Hi guys, love the product. In Analytics, it would be great to have the ability to search for Inspections that have been completed? Not just conducted. The ability to filter by just completed inspections is possible. This way, the "Conducted" metric that is available is only bringing in Inspections have been completed.
This help doc outlines how the analytic filters can be used to achieve this:
CSV is very difficult to use. I need an Excel version of the reports that are easy to edit. Can this be done?While the reports download as CSV initially, you can convert these to Excel to help make edits/changes. APAC
I have noticed that anyone in the Team can delete Action, and then it seems you lose the traceability of the Action. Can this be limited to just the admin team?This is excellent feedback, and while it is not possible in the product currently, we are actively reviewing and will pass this feedback along to our Product Team.APAC
Is there a way to flag for reminders for actions that have not been completed within the time frame?Yes, this is possible. Within the settings of your account, there is an option to customize your notifications. One of the options here is to have an email notification set up to alert you of your overdue actions. This help doc steps you through how to turn this and others on or off:
Another idea to consider for your next update is to have a word search function within the template editor. I have 300+questions in my template and would love to be able to narrow my search quicker.While it is not done within iAuditor itself, you can use web page controls like Ctrl+F (for Windows) or Command+f (for Mac).
This will allow you to search the 300+ question inspection for the word(s) you're after.
Are all these changes automatically available if one is already a paying customer?Yes, they are. Once a change or feature has been released (these sometimes can be done in phases), it will then be available to current and new customers.APAC
Any chance of adding Excel or Word documents?Unfortunately, not at this stage. The main feedback we received was for PDFs' need but are open to talking more about and exploring possible use cases and needs for Excel and Word. APAC
In the inspection workflow - if you select no and an Action is prompted - will there be an ability to select no and nominate no further action (in the event it is a non-issue?)This is something that we are currently exploring and investigating how automated the Action is created. Opportunities like this could be possible as the idea would be that it is based on the logic you set up and select.APAC
Will it be possible to modify the layout of thereports?Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our goal is to standardize the reports, but we welcome our customers' feedback, which has influenced our report looks and feels like. So definitely encourage you to continue to submit feedback around possible layout options or things to include or exclude.APAC
Can we use my customers as part of my teams?Absolutely! Yes, this is possible. Seats are open for you to pick and choose to take them up and be apart of your team. One thing to be mindful of is to ensure that permissions and sharing is current for the entire account so that any customers you add to your team can only what applies to them. These help docs can guide you through how to set these up: &
Is there any plan to improve the search quality for completed Inspections?While there are no confirmed plans at this stage, we welcome any feedback around how we can improve searchability for completed Inspections. APAC
Being able to customize the report and make it "my" report. This would be vital if any of my competitors also decided to use iAuditor. Having reports that look the same would not be a good outcome for my business 🙂This is great feedback, and while it is not possible in the product, we can share this feedback with our Product Team. APAC
We want folders in archives, please!This is great feedback, and while it is not possible in the product, we can share this feedback with our Product Team. APAC
Is there any way of associating comments to specific photos? This is very important for my reports, and currently, the only way I can do this is in post-editing. The system does not allocate a photo number until download. Therefore I have to edit the downloaded report in word to associate my comments with the specific photos.If a photo loads against a multiple-choice question, it is possible to add notes or comments underneath, which will then appear above any images loaded here. However, if the picture is loads again, a "photo" question makes the comments not available. You can add a separate text question underneath for comments on the above photo or even utilize logic for this extra question. APAC
With the changes to sharing (Access), are there improvements coming for larger organizations that need to share with hundreds of groups? Yes, there will be. We are changing the access for the larger organizations and allowing your teams to share templates to other groups or users. On the roadmap as well is the option of replicating sharing that you've set up on one Template across to other Templates. Keep your eyes peeled for these updates! APAC
With Incidents... oh I mean Issues... is there a timeline on the templated experience of this (dynamic series of questions for each issue type)?Currently we don't have a firm timeline for this one although it's certainly been raised on multiple occasions, so we're doing our best to prioritize this on our roadmap.APAC
Can a hierarchy designed for a Site be moved or copied over to a new Site?With the capability of copying Access (Sharing) rules from one Template to another, we're also exploring making that same functionality for Site-based Access. APAC
Hi, I would like to build an iAuditor cleaning inspection for the University. Sure thing. Here are some handy short videos to help with your template building:

Otherwise, you can check out our support articles that cover all things template building too:

Otherwise check out our public library and browse our cleaning inspections!
Will iAuditor training be available over EdApp?Yes absolutely! If you head on over to and sign-up, then simply search for iAuditor in the course library, you'll find some great iAuditor courses to use. APAC
Can I pretend to be another user to understand what they see in their iAuditor screen?Unfortunately, you won't be able to emulate the other user's perspective in iAuditor. Although, as an alternative method, if you have a spare seat in your account, you could create another test user and match the same permissions as the user you want to check, and login as that user since you have created the login credentials. While you won't see any Inspection reports, you will be able to see what Templates have been shared if you match the permissions.

Otherwise, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team, and they'll be able to give you some clear insight!
Team SafetyCulture, it's been a long journey together, and we appreciate the great service. When we can see further improvements in Analytics?Always a pleasure to speak with customers who have been with us for so long! There are some really exciting updates coming to Analytics, including our Custom Snapshot feature, which will allow you to build custom analytics reports (with information, filters and the date periods you need), and save and share them to your Analytics view. EMEA
How is it used in this way, one seat used by 1700 people?I think they managed it by each store manager having a login and having control of the tablet - and surveying 1700+ customers!EMEA
Are there any plans to allow you to have sub-folders for your templates to make it easier to find templates by section?This is a common request among our customers, and the team is actively investigating how to make it easier to organize your Template and Inspections list. Nothing is currently on the roadmap, but we'll continue to update you around the subject. EMEA
Is it going to be looked at to possibly duplicate the bookmarked templates, as you can't (or that I can find) do it currently, so you have to find it in the main list anyway?Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to duplicate bookmark templates. A workaround here is to search the name of your template and duplicate it from there. We have raised this as feedback with our relevant Product Team though. EMEA
Not 100% related to this, but I'd it find really useful to have the possibility to send an Inspection to specific user when it's completed. At the moment this can only be done with some workarounds, like Zapier.Great news, this can already be done without using Zapier through using our Report Preferences feature. Check out more instructions on how to set it up here:
We need to change the notes section in the answer to be dynamic (i.e. a drop list). This will help us to get more insights. Thoughts?We are actively working on our Inspection experience at the moment, including improved workflows around notes and evidence. We hope to be sharing these great features with you shortly.EMEA
For Scheduling, can the dates be imported into the app?Unfortunately, we do not have an API for Scheduling, so no data can be imported from another tool or uploaded via CSV.EMEA
Can you assign an action to more than one person, and if so, is that through email & text?At the moment, the Actions feature does not support assigning to a group, but it is something that we're examining, and you may see updates in this space shortly. However, any notifications to an individual who is assigned an Action can be through both text message and email if they're notification settings are turned on for iAuditor. See more details here:
Is the filter Issues within Inspections going to be resolved anytime soon, (e.g.,if you edit an Inspection, it loses the filter you have applied when you exit that inspection)?This is currently a known issue when trying to edit an Inspection. This has been raised as feedback with our Product Team to work on in future releases.EMEA
I just want to flag my concern: why not have data for our employees or our contractors' names? So as an example, I can assess the competency of the operator's and then the assessment will go under his/her name.If each user is assigned their own login, all data will be associated with that person and unique user ID. This will help to keep your data manageable and impactful when making assessments. EMEA
Is there a way to add a Task against an Inspection, but for this Task not to show on the PDF copy of the report?Yes, you'll use the Actions feature when conducting the Inspection, and the system will automatically associate the Action with the question/response in the Inspection. If you don't want them to appear on your final report, that is possible too. All you need to do is create a Report Preference (or one-time filter) that excludes them from the report view. See more on report preferences here:
Will it be possible to add last-minute questions to an Inspection, while you are performing the audit?At the moment, this is not possible. This is because an inspection is "locked" to the Template at that particular time. If changes to a template a user would need to sync their device to ensure they are working on the latest version of the templateEMEA
Will you be introducing remote links to inspections, i.e. can I join someone undertaking an Inspection and follow them remotely as they undertake the Inspection?This isn't currently on the roadmap, but I think it's a very interesting idea. We have raised this with our Product Team. Keep your eye out for updates related to video-based content in iAuditor!EMEA
Can you select multiple Templates to share with a group, for example, 50 Templates at once?I believe this was in relation to our new Access (Sharing) rules list. It doesn't currently allow you to bulk select templates and give a group access to them at the simultaneously; however, the ability to copy Inspection access across to other Templates is something that the team is actively planning to work on. Watch this space! EMEA
Also, not related to this - Can one have a checkbox or activate one on a question on templates to include or exclude the sub-folders instead of selecting not applicable for each section when conducting an audit onsite?Yes, definitely! This is possible through Logic - you can set up logic fields in the Template Editor in a number of different ways, including through multiple choice and checkbox questions.
Here's a quick video tutorial on how to set that up:
We operate Region/Site/etc., but with different departments like Operations, H&S, and wouldn't want them to crossover. Thanks for your feedback here! It's good to hear that you're using Sites. I would suggest keeping an eye on our updates to this feature as the way they talk to each other will become a lot smarter and dynamic.EMEA
I am a food safety manager, and I am looking for an app like this I will try it then I will decide.Great! Let us know if you need any assistance from our end.EMEA
Question related to inspections: can or will we be able to prefill an inspection and then email to someone to fill in, so they know which form to be completed rather than searching for it in iAuditor?This isn't currently possible, but as we're making a lot of developments in our Inspections space, it's a great time for us to get this feedback. A workaround would be setting up Notify for a question or raising an Action from the inspection when you're ready for that person to work on that particular inspection - maybe you could try that?EMEA
As Tasks come from Issues, will these be able to be seen in this feature? (e.g., Tasks from an accident investigation)Exactly! This is how we envision Tasks and Issues working and talking to each other. You should be able to look at an accident investigation and find and check the status of associated Tasks. It would work the other way, too: you should also be able to easily find an Issue/Inspection one of your Tasks is linked with.EMEA
Can you create Tasks that are not linked to an Inspection?Yes, you can create an Action outside of an Inspection. For more on "Standalone" Actions see our article here:
Will Tasks be linked back to the Inspection (e.g., task is to complete a specific inspection that is not scheduled)?Exactly! This is how we envision Tasks and Inspections working and talking to each other. The prototype and vision are in very early stages, but we are looking at getting all parts of our product - Issues, Actions, Inspections, etc. to work in tandem. Just like the way you described.EMEA
Concerning IoT (Sensors), which protocols are supported by Iauditor, Modbus, LON, Bacnet, others?Great question; our new sensor makes use of LoRaWAN technology. EMEA
Is there a plan to make Sensors "group aware" -- in other words, to filter the view of sensors to only those that belong to a group that you are a member of? System-wide sensors lists don't work well for us, or am I missing a simple option?At the moment, you can control sensors through permissions and by filtering out the sites that are not appropriate to certain users. As we expand and make more changes we want to be able to use key features like Access and groups to control who sees which sensors. EMEA
How about multiple Actions on one Issue/Inspection item?Absolutely, you can already create several Actions from the same inspection item, and I would expect that when we link Actions/Tasks with Issues further down the line, this would also be true for Issues. Definitely be sure to keep your eye out for further updates on that as our vision becomes more concrete!EMEA
Can the Incidents function fields be added to help with OSHA 300 Recordkeeping?Our next step in the "Issues" product roadmap is to offer more customization and enable customers to add specific free-text questions to issues so you can capture more accurate information.
How is this data protected/secured? At times, I may have to deal with sensitive security information (SSI).I would recommend reviewing our security policy here: While we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store data, this goes into further detail.AMER
Will there be a feature added to iAuditor that would prompt the system to send automatic reminders on past due Actions?Yes - this actually exists today. Users are notified for any actions that are not completed 1 hour before their due date, and then 24 hours after the action is overdue. These settings are turned on automatically. AMER
When you send an email with an Action it would be good to enable a way that the Action's recipient can add files (evidence of completion)?Absolutely, we receive this feedback frequently. It's currently on the Actions roadmap to allow external assignees to fully interact with Actions - more to come in future Product Webinars. AMER
Can the Custom Snapshots be used across multiple assessments or is it only capable of pulling from one assessment?Yes, the idea behind Custom Snapshots in Analytics is to allow you to blend and create snapshots of all of your data, whether from an issue, action, or various inspection template. AMER
Really looking forward to the 'Own Metrics' (Custom Snapshots) dashboards and graphics!That's excellent news - if you want to follow the progression of the feature, keep an eye out using our Product Updates page:
I use the Analytics for my weekly top 10 during safety meetings, is there any way for pre-canned MTD or week to date?With the upcoming customization options for Analytics (Custom Snapshots) that we're planning to offer, we're excited to say that you'll be able to select a reporting period for the information that you collect on your "favorite" reports. This means you'll be able to set up a snapshot that includes the top 10 per week or per month and share it with others in your organization or team. AMER
For the new Scheduling setup, will we be able to schedule users to complete any audit, or will it still always have to be specific to one template?Scheduling is still specific to a Template. When setting up a Schedule you will need to select the Template for which you wish you schedule to a user or group.AMER
What does currently launching? One week, two weeks or is currently available?If an items is marked as currently launching that means that feature is in the process of rolling out gradually. Our Product and Engineering Teams usually roll-out features to small groups of users gradually to guarantee feature stability and collect & refine based on feedback along the way. Currently launching typically indicates you should see that update between now and a few weeks, depending on which cohort you fall into. AMER
Will we be able to use more than one option for the logic? For example, be able to add evidence and notify someone.Yes, the idea for the updated "workflow logic" is to support multiple levels and therefore have the capability to notify and prompt for evidence (or whichever combination you choose) based on a given response in the inspection. You can follow updates surrounding this feature here:
Is there a repository or a bank of content we can view outside of searching through completed inspection forms that were completed?If you're looking to better trend and identify changes through your Inspection reports, the best way to do that is by using iAuditor Analytics. There are tons of updates coming soon for Analytics, but for now, if you're looking to get started, check out this handy guide:
Are there any updated plans to offer the ability to electronically send an inspection to a client to complete themselves, that could be captured in iAuditor, without that person being a subscribed user? This would be a short version of the same survey that may have been used in-person by a staff member on a client site to limit in-person contacts in the field.Not at the moment, we are, however, exploring the option to share an inspection template (using a link) to an external party. This would allow you to give them the same template that you are using. One thing to note, this still requires the external person to sign up for iAuditor, but they can sign up for their own free account, seperate from yours. Unfortunately, the data from that inspection will not be connected back to your account, but at least they can share the reports to you via email. AMER
Is there a way to number or assign a reference ID to the question when building the checklist templateWe would recommend manually adding the number/reference id before the start of each question when in the template editor.AMER
Is EdApp part of TeamTrain or replacing TeamTrain?EdApp is now our recommended system for learning, training, and enablement. TeamTrain was an excellent experiment conducted by the iAuditor team, and some of its success, particularly with the Heads Up communication feature will be moved into iAuditor soon. That said, as we continue to explore the best option for customers currently using TeamTrain, we will continue to support the program but are not planning to actively update it. Learn more about EdApp here:
Will EdApp be part of the iAuditor subscription or will it be a separate fee?At the moment, EdApp will be on it's own subscription model, however you can start to use EdApp for free if you want to give it a try. Check it out here:
Can sensor data be added to the Inspection?This functionality does not exist today, however it is a part of the product roadmap for the future. AMER
Will there be a feature added to iAuditor that would prompt the system to send automatic reminders on past due Actions?Yes - this actually exists today. Users are notified for any actions that are not completed 1 hour prior to their due date, and then 24 hours after the action is overdue. These settings are turned on automatically. See more information here:


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