It was wonderful catching up with each one of you to review all things iAuditor, product roadmap, and of course, your ideas and feedback. Since we don’t always have time to review all of your questions live, we wanted to take a chance to post your questions with their corresponding answers. We hope that you can also take a moment to review and learn from other’s questions to see what common discussion points you may have.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through chat, phone, or email if you have any other questions.

#QuestionAnswer(s)Webinar regionFeature category
1When assigning an action, can't send to more than one person via email or to an email of a non user?If the individual is apart of your iAuditor team you can assign the action to a group. If they're not apart of your team you can only send to one email at a time, if they're a non-user, however you can assign actions via email to any non-user. APACActions
2Job action email to the assignee it does not have the site in the email text so they are not sure where the action is for.Adding more context into an action, such as site, is something that's on the immediate product roadmap for the team. I would expect an update in this space sometime in the next few months. APACActions
3Can we allow external users to upload evidence?If they are apart of your iAuditor team they will see the full Actions functionality. If you assign it to them using their email they will only be able to update the status of the action. More information on actions assigned outside of your iAuditor team is available here:
4Can an action be closed by the recipient so the sender knows it's completed? This is if the recipient is not apart of iAuditor.Yes, anyone who receives an action via email can update the status of that action from their email. More on external actions assignment is here:
5How can do the Corrective action list and follow up?If you're referring to the Actions list on web, instructions for managing actions on the web app are here:
6Actions - can the person you assign the item to update the action item in iAuditorIf they are apart of your iAuditor team they will see the full Actions functionality. If you assign it to them using their email they will only be able to update the status of the action. More information on actions assigned outside of your iAuditor team is available here:
7Can you turn actions off on templates?At the moment this is not something we support.APACActions
8Hi with regards to Actions, will there be an option at some point to pre-populate action answers to speed up report creation?This is something we are looking at, but please add any specific feedback so we can understand your workflow.EMEAActions
9Does it force evidence on close out? Does it force a containment and root cause approach for resolving the action(s)?At the moment this isn't the case, but please add any specific feedback so we can understand your workflow.EMEAActions
10Actions: could we have the search feature back? Also sometimes hit & miss when issuing actions to persons not in the organisation, it would be good if external parties could add docs & photos to close out rather than just adjusting the statusHi, being able to add evidence to actions is currently only possible by users within your iAuditor team. We are constantly trying to improve our features, but please add any specific feedback so we can understand exactly how we can improve in future!EMEAActions
11Will it be possible to keep certain open actions moving to the next audit instead of creating new one?This isn't possible at the moment, please leave your feedback at
12I don't know if I heard correctly, did you say an action assignee can comment or address the item even if the person is not an iAuditor user?It is possible to assign an action to an external email address. They will receive an email notification detailing that they have been assigned an action and will subsequently be able to update the status of the action. However, being able to add comments and photos is only possible by those users who are part of your iAuditor team and not available to external updates. EMEAActions
13Is there a platform available to gain further knowledge of the analytical process and how to read results? I'm new to this area.Absolutely, probably the easiest option is to learn using our video library here:
14Will analytics be getting added to view from within the app, not all of our people will have a computer in the field to view from as we use the app more frequently?A "light" version of analytics where users can review some of their most common reports is something the team is looking into as we speak. They will start to research and test, then we will move forward based on those learnings. APACAnalytics
15Is the report feature being looked at in the Actions tab? Currently only downloads in CSV which is not clear to view. Is it going to be getting done in PDF or similar, since the list on the web is better looking than the CSV?Yes, this is something our new analytics team is looking into. They're specifically researching how to pull actions and inspections data together into reports that are meaningful to your business. This is currently in the research phase, but definitely a space to watch. APACAnalytics
16Analytics are hard to track when some of the answers we require in iAuditor are text answers.When it comes to analytics, we always recommend using multiple choice responses whenever possible, otherwise the system struggles to connect text answers together (imagine differences in capitalization, spelling, etc.). APACAnalytics
17If iAuditor is able to benchmark against other similar businesses that would be very helpful as well.Good to know, this is also something we're currently researching although not something that will be available in the immediate future. APACAnalytics
181-2 years, because that is how much data we have.Thanks for sharing your insights, this is good to know. APACAnalytics
19Will we have an opportunity to customize the dashboards?This is something we're currently researching, more to come in this space in the next 6 months. APACAnalytics
20I look at month to month trends (I download my data and do this myself).Something we're looking into today is the ability to create custom "reporting" in iAuditor that would allow you chose exactly what you want to monitor and at what time frame. However, the initial stages of this are still at least 6 months out. APACAnalytics
21Can we get a copy of your webinar slides? I'd like to show a couple to people in my business. I like the "Flagged" items vs ""Failed" items. Perhaps we can have both?To start with, we will roll-out the change from failed to flags, but we can always re-examine offering "levels" of flagged items at a later date. APACAnalytics
22Can you have two flagged items in one question?Yes, you can have multiple flagged (failed) items per question. The default response only have one selected so you'll need to create a custom response set and click the reponse to edit and tick the "mark as failed" box. APACAnalytics
23Will there be an option to flag multiple responses to a question? For example you may want to know "Observations" as well as "No". I would want to see both being reported in analytics. Yes, you can have multiple flagged (failed) items per question. The default response only have one selected so you'll need to create a custom response set and click the reponse to edit and tick the "mark as failed" box. However, at this stage they'll only be one "flagged" level and not multiple. APACAnalytics
24I'd like to be part of the pilot group for the Analytics testing.Amazing! We will reach out to you and let you know if you qualify.APACAnalytics
25Are you progressing with different levels of "Failed items," as sometimes things are more important than others?To start with, we will roll-out the change from failed to flags, but we can always re-examine offering "levels" of flagged items at a later date. APACAnalytics
26We are using the app in the field to do site inspections using iPads on plant items, which is great. I would like to be able to have an equipment register compiled in the report using that data (text) that was entered. i.e. (Plant NO and location).Something we're looking into today is the ability to create "reporting" in iAuditor that would allow you to compare performance of an item per site. However, the initial stages of this will likely only include multiple choice items, not freetext, as this data is easier to trend. APACAnalytics
27Analytics does not allow me to review areas for improvements, as opposed to Failed Items. I find that most inspections are not always Failed Items but there are areas or improvements which we need to be able to identify earlier. Is there a way to do this?You could use the Item Score drill down in Analytics to compare performance of a particular section or page over time. This would allow you to see an average score for a section and allow you to spot trends.EMEAAnalytics
28Will existing templates automatically change from failed items?As I understand, your existing reports should remain "as is" since they're considered a snapshot in time. All inspections moving forward will reflect the new terminology as well as the dashboard and web report views. EMEAAnalytics
29Can't failed items and flagged items be optional where a user can choose based on the industry they are in?The failed items depend on how the specific template has been set up. If you had your templates set up for the different industries, then you could change the failed items for each template to suit the requirements of that particular industry. EMEAAnalytics
30Can a KPI chart showing the results of each section be on the front page?You could set up a table of contents page which would then show the total percentage score of each section within your report on the second page. Alternatively you could view the sections scoring in your analytics on multiple reports to track trends in performance and improvements.EMEAAnalytics
31Is there a better way to share stats/ results of the audits with customers other than PDFs, a more interactive way?You can print Analytics reports to PDF using your web browser, or potentially link iAuditor into business intelligence systems to be able to generate customised reports. EMEAAnalytics
32Can this data be managed via analytics?It depends what management of the data you were looking to do. Analytics allows you to see particular visualizations, however it isn't possible to customise the graphs and charts that you see. However, you do have the option of exporting your data and working with it in other tools such as Excel. There are CSV exports within analytics depending on the page you're on as well as when using iAuditor's website. We also have a tool built on top of our API to aid in automatically exporting data which may be useful if you want to use your information in a tool like Power BI or Tableau. EMEAAnalytics
33Can you sort the "flagged items" in the report?No there isn't a way to sort or filter the failed items in the report by default, but if you export it as a csv you can do sorting and filtering in Excel.AmericasAnalytics
34Have there been any more talks on updating the limitations on charts and graphs within the analytics portion of iAuditor (i.e. aesthetics, edits, & customization)?Most definitely, we are working to improve our analytics but we don't have anything on the roadmap currently.AmericasAnalytics
35Can you customize your dashboard?This is something the new analytics team is currently researching. We hope to soon offer you a space for creating some level of custom reporting on iAuditor.AmericasAnalytics
36Is there any way to track repeat findings? Or highlight last year’s findings so that we as auditors can ensure the corrective actions have been effective.Right now your best bet is to track your consistent failed (flagged) items month to month. We're currently looking at how to better connect the failed items feature with actions so that reporting is easier in the future.AmericasAnalytics
37Can iAuditor be used for daily KPI reporting?Yes, you can currently choose to use one of our pre-set analytics dashboards, more information here:, or export you inspection reports to CSV (Excel) and trend from there. Currently, the team is working to start to improve the current analytics functionality and hopefully offer more custom reporting, but this is still in the research phases at the moment. AmericasAnalytics
38How do you configure analytics to compare fields we select as opposed to default fields like "Failed Items"?If you would like to review specific fields (or questions) in Analytics, you can use the ‘Items and Responses’ filter on the left-hand side and then search by the question(s) you would like to compare!AmericasAnalytics
39Is there a way to track items by a particular multiple choice answer (i.e. good, fair, poor)?Yes inside of analytics you can filter by a response type or a specific question if needed.AmericasAnalytics
40Can we leave our "failed items" as is in the templates?Thanks for your question. You can absolutely leave the failed items as is. The only thing that will change is the naming convention, there isn't anything you will have to do to update!AmericasAnalytics
41Please recommend how to do the audit in the wake of COVID-19. The best option would be to explore the Public Library to find the most relevant templates, download them into your account and modify them to suit your business.
You can then share the template with the rest of your team and allow them to conduct their inspections.
42We enforce the legislation behind social distancing and business restrictions in the UK, can we have some of the templates shared that some businesses are using?While we can't share other users specific templates, we can share our featured templates available on the Public Library. Take a look here:
43Silly question, where are these new free templates?You can view templates that you may download for free at We also have some featured COVID-19 templates that you may find useful. These templates can be customized too.EMEACOVID
44By using face mask for long time you breathe CO2 and re-circulate own bacteria. is this healthy?Unfortunately we would not be able to comment on the use of facemasks. We would recommend following your local health services guidelines to ensure you remain safe.EMEACOVID
45I would like to see this template please as we are starting to put procedures in place before we send people back to work. Thank you.You can view templates that you may download for free at We also have some featured COVID-19 templates that you may find useful. These templates can be customized too.EMEACOVID
46We would like to incorporate COVID-19 specific questions within an existing inspection template - is it possible to import questions from another template (downloaded from public library) into ours without having to retype them all in?The best way to do this would be to import the template with the set of questions you would like to use. Once downloaded, you can bulk copy the questions and paste them directly into the template you'd like them to be in. To select several questions in one go, click on one of the questions and this should highlight the question with a blue box. If you click on the little dot in the corner, you can then drag this to include a set of questions to copy in one go. Then directly paste into a blank question field (control + v) in the next template,EMEACOVID
47Can we get hold of the social distancing plan template from the public library?You can view the social distancing templates on our public library. I've included the link here for you:
48How did the company managing the visitors manage the cleanliness of the tablet/ phones being used?This is a good question but unfortunately we don't have the specifics on how this was achieved.EMEACOVID
49Can we use iAuditor to record the temperatures of the staff and visitors?While it's your choice how you use iAuditor, we don't recommend that you collect sensitive information from your employees and input it into iAuditor. EMEACOVID
50Thank you. Will you be offering a reduced annual fee for companies who have been impacted by COVID in terms of not being able to implement audits?We understand the difficulty you may be facing in regards to COVID-19. If you contact our Support team at and explain your situation there may be something that we can do to help.EMEACOVID
51I am interested in the COVID-19 audit that you demo earlier in the meeting. Please reach out to me.We have all kinds of return to work checklist here: and checklists specific to COVID-19 here:
52Our retail outlets are currently using our digital menu/promo screens to communicate to our customers social distancing guidelines while in store.This is a great way to leverage digital solutions, especially for those in food, hospitality and retail. APACCOVID
53I have a small bus tour business ( Murray Off Road Adventures) and thinking about how social distancing should be included in my daily inspections. Either way, here are some samples:
54We currently have an incident solution within our business, will the incident reporting feature be able to be turned on, only if we choose to? And secondly, can you reliable "Log Incident" to suit other situations, might not be used for near miss etc. perhaps equipment not working?Yes, as an admin you will be able to toggle incidents on/off depending on how you choose to use it as a business. For the second part of the question, we're hoping to make incidents pretty flexible to your use case to enable you to capture only the types of incidents you're interested. For instance, you can create custom categories and teach your staff only to capture near misses and equipment failures. APACIncidents
55Do you have to have an iAuditor login to raise an incident?You will need a login to use the full functionality of incidents that we showed during the webinar, however we're looking at options for making incidents more accessible for teams without a paywall burden. APACIncidents
56Would love to see some examples of your incident reporting using iAuditor. Our current system is cumbersome and difficult to extract data.You can try it yourself soon enough. We just rolled out incidents to a small proportion of our new users. If you sign-up with a free account you can test it out before it rolls out to your org, otherwise we're happy to reach out to you about turning it on early. APACIncidents
57Is the incident platform an integration of Spotlight into iAuditor?We are looking to replace Spotlight completely with the Incident feature within iAuditor, so it is possible to do everything all within one system.EMEAIncidents
58To use the accidents & Incidents feature do you have to be a registered user?At present, you will need an iAuditor account to be able to interact fully with incidents.EMEAIncidents
59How do persons external to my organization (such as contractors) report incidents & observations? Do they need a subscription?At present, you will need an iAuditor account to be able to interact fully with incidents.EMEAIncidents
60Would all users require a seat to be able to use the new feature of incident reporting?At present, to use incident reporting in iAuditor you would need a user license.EMEAIncidents
61Is this [incidents] replacing Spotlight?The goal is to have all of our solutions in one location, so that will be the end goal. AmericasIncidents
62Incidents & Observations would be helpful for us when performing safety reviews at Power Plant outages.Incidents and Observations is currently being rolled out slowly to customers. This allows us to monitor and make any fixes to the feature before it’s rolled out to our entire customer base. You should be seeing it soon, but if you'd like more information, please let us know!AmericasIncidents
63Is Incidents and Observations an additional cost?No It is just a part of our platform now. We are slowly rolling it out to everyone now. So you ought to see this feature in the web platform soon.AmericasIncidents
64Very interested in the Incident feature for near misses. Incidents and Observations is currently being rolled out slowly to customers. This allows us to monitor and make any fixes to the feature before it’s rolled out to our entire customer base. You should be seeing it soon, but if you'd like more information, please let us know!AmericasIncidents
65Will the Incident and Observations feature be available when launched, or is it an add-on that has to be requested?Incidents and Observations is currently being rolled out slowly to customers. This allows us to monitor and make any fixes to the feature before it’s rolled out to our entire customer base. You should be seeing it soon, but if you'd like more information, please let us know!AmericasIncidents
66All our reports go to either a doctor or personnel supervisor/managerGreat information for us to understand. Thank you for sharing!APACInspections
67I've asking for the 2nd column in my pdf printouts to be increased to allow better alignment of text. Has this been solved yet?At the moment the team is not looking into the customization of PDF columns.APACInspections
68Can I capture and insert real-time video into an assessment process and attach to the report for the customer?This isn't something the product is capable of at present, however you're not alone in this request and we'll continue to re-examine it. At the moment, the main barrier we face in this space is understanding how to represent the video in a static report format (like PDF). Your ideas would be welcome. APACInspections
69Will attachments such as pictures to "comments" be considered?If you're referring to the "Attach a PDF" feature, it should also support multiple file types (like those used for pictures). However, keep in mind that our existing functionality supports both the capture of a photo during an inspection, uploading a photo from your device's photo album during and inspection, and associating a picture to an instruction field. APACInspections
70I find the need to add attachments to closing comments but there is not feature to do this.If it's a photo you should be able to do that today. Other forms, like attaching a PDF are coming soon. For more information check out this post:
71Is there an option to zoom in and crop photos before they are stored in the report? I find the photos very blurry on the app PDF but on the camera or iPad they are clear.There's no option to edit the photos unless you use the photo editor on the device and re-upload them to your report. It is strange that your photos are coming out blurry in the report, it might be good to check the "high quality photos" option in your report preferences. If you're unfamiliar with how to access report preferences, see here:
72I would not use the Incidents feature. Reason: If the incident is notifiable to SafeWork NSW or any state safety regulator then they have the power to access all records. If a person makes a vague comment that may implement the company then this comment could be used against the company.This make sense, thank you for the detail. APACIncidents
73We are a franchise business, and we send inspections to the franchise owners.Great information for us to understand. Thank you for sharing!APACInspections
74Is it possible to have the completed inspection, if notify is enabled for a PDF to be sent with the email so you don't need to sign into iAuditor.It is possible to set up the inspection to send to a specific email once it's completed. To set that up, you need to setup a report preference. The steps for setting up report preferences are included here:
75In the archive section is it possible to have a filter, the same as in inspections?At the moment there's no way to filter in your archive section, but you can search for individual inspections, this is something we can look into in the future. APACInspections
76As we use iAuditor more and more, I would like to see an additional folder in the Archive section. The additional folder would make a folder for keeping archives for later reference and inclusion in the analytics, and perhaps a delete folder or a junk folder for things that need to be deleted.Foldering is a common request. The team is currently looking at how to better organize your inspections and templates lists (including archive). More to come so watch this space!APACInspections
77I work for a large training institute, reports could go back to teaching staff (COVID related).
Standard reports go to OH&S committees and managers.
Great information for us to understand. Thank you for sharing!APACInspections
78Is there still going to be a zip file with the full images still available in the new PDF export?You will always be able to access your images from the report, it may not be exactly the same, but we won't prevent you from exporting your images in the new PDF export. APACInspections
79As a scaffold company, most of the inspections are for internal use. At audit stage from our contractors they may be viewed, and on certain sites, the handover is required to be signed by client.Excellent insight into how you share your reports, thank you! APACInspections
80I suggest you create folders to store similar audits in to assist in filing audits and locating them more easily, especially when you have 50 odd [inspections].Thanks for the feedback! This is a feature that is commonly requested. We're currently looking into ways to better organize your inspection information for you.APACInspections
81Will formulas or sum functions ever be available?This feature is currently under consideration and we'd love your feedback on it, to give additional feedback see this post:
82Can the media answers be videos, not just photos?This isn't something the product is capable of at present, however you're not alone in this request and we'll continue to re-examine it. At the moment, the main barrier we face in this space is understanding how to represent the video in a static report format (like PDF). Your ideas would be welcome. APACInspections
83When will you up the limit of records you can pull? Currently [the export] maxes out at 1,000 records.As it stands there is no plan to raise the current limit, however you can get around this limit by using our bulk export tool via an integration. Read more about it here:
84Is there a way to break the PDF report down to only show specific failed items? E.g. I complete an inspection and have failed items for 3 different trades. i would like to be able to select the items for 1 trade, produce the PDF and send that off, then repeat for the other 2 trades.You can only setup the report to automatically show/hide failed items, but not based on the particular logic you mentioned. APACInspections
85Why does iAuditor have limitations on image uploading? Why does iAuditor not transfer all images from phone app content to computer website? For example; I'd like to take pictures using my camera and transfer into iAuditor but this won't work. Therefore, have to use camera phone and app on phone.iAuditor allows you to use the device camera or select an image from the gallery. iAuditor should sync all the images from the mobile app to the web version. Ensure that you have the updated version of the app installed and if it still doesn't work get in touch with our support team!EMEAInspections
86Can IAuditor track what inspections have been done at each specified site and send a weekly report to the required personnel?When setting up a sites list in iAuditor, you can then track the number of inspections conducted at specific sites, or group these by area and region too. It doesn't send out this report automatically at the moment I am afraid, but you can bookmark a particular set of filters, so that you can click onto your analytics and straight away see the number of inspections over the last 7 days at the site you have selected. EMEAInspections
87One of the things that has been removed and I think is a good thing was a timer setting that you could have on the inspection so that the user can see how long it is taking.When inspections are done on the mobile application,it still does time the inspection in the background for you to view the inspection duration. We are constantly trying to improve our features, but please add any specific feedback so we can understand exactly how we can improve in future!EMEAInspections
88Just wondering if there is a possibility to edit template questions mid audit?It is possible to edit the questions within the template mid audit yes. However, as these changes are made during the audit, the audit will use the old version of the template until the audit is completed, the device is synced and the new changes will take effect for inspections going forward. EMEAInspections
89If I want my customer to complete a self-assessment, do I need to buy each one a set as well?You will need to provide your customer access to your iAuditor account which will require a license, however you can deactivate users after they have been added and reuse the license for someone else. Feel free to contact our Support team for further info.EMEAInspections
90Will it be possible to change the orientation of thumbnail pictures in the report after exporting word?You should be able to fully edit the report after exporting to Word, please contact our support team for any specific issues you are having. EMEAInspections
91Will more report options be made available? We have details guidance (instructions) for the auditors that are not necessary for the clients but also need to add "instructions" for the clients but currently can only have instructions or not have them.

2. Will the be options to bold, italicize, and hyperlink words?

3. The option to build templates with 2 or more columns?

Many of these will help reduce the length of our reports and irrelevant details for the different report viewers
Inspection customizations like bold and italics are commonly requested, but not something we're looking to offer at the moment due to technical restrictions. As for the different instruction fields you're looking at, maybe the best workaround at the moment is to set up a logic (potentially triggered by a question or checkbox field) where the person inspecting selects whether they are a "client" or and "auditor" that way you can show different instructions. AmericasInspections
92We supply our auditors as commissioning and they are shared with the client, the buyer of AV integration. Very important information for us to know. Thank you for sharing!AmericasInspections
93In performing an audit is there a way to add a section to write a narrative to include into the report? Second part to my question or clarification would be a shift log.Depending on your needs there are two options for adding narratives. If you want the narrative to show as someone is inspecting, but not be "editable" we suggest you use the instruction field, alternatively if you need the option for inspectors to add their own narrative, we suggest you use the free-text field. Both are currently available in the Template Editor. AmericasInspections
94Can we change the default colors to our own colors, so we don't have to keep typing in the HEX code for a commonly used color?There is some custom branding you can add to the web and mobile platform. More information on that can be found at:
95Is there a way to get the 14/14 [score] to show instead of the % value?When completing an inspection you should see both the total score (14/14) as well as the percentage.AmericasInspections
96How soon will the PDF upload be available?It is currently being rolled out to all customersAmericasInspections
97How do I know if we have the sync-less option?The brilliant part about this change is it's mostly in the background.AmericasInspections
98Will you be implementing folders for types of inspections for document management?Organizing inspections (into folders, etc.) is something that is often requested, and something the team is currently researching. AmericasInspections
99Can you send instructions on how to do a multiple team inspection and have it all go on one inspection?Multi-contributor inspections are difficult to perform with the current inspections functionality, however as we begin to roll-out sync-less inspections it paves the way for this to be much easier. Since it's not quite ready there are no instructional guides, but keep an eye on this space as we continue to roll-out sync-less inspections. AmericasInspections
100Is there a way to make a photo that appears on the Title Page larger than just a thumbnail? After all, it’s the image that represents the whole report.You're very right. At the moment there are no logo size customizations available, but it's certainly something we can look into for you and pass along to the team. AmericasInspections
101Always seem to have issues with file saving. We have aircraft that we do repetitive inspection on, and it would be nice to be able to save audits to their own file.Organizing inspections (into folders, etc.) is something that is often requested, and something the team is currently researching. AmericasInspections
102Can you send a report to anyone, or do they have to be a user?You can email a report out to any email address, they do not have to have an iAuditor account. If they are conducting inspections then they do need an account.AmericasInspections
103Is there any plan to support 360 degree images in the online report?A lot of discussion for sure, no development just yet. I am personally hoping that we can implementAmericasInspections
104Do the sync-less inspections mean that we can conduct an inspection in teams for a large building and it all be on one inspection? For example, one team may focus on science labs and the other team would do the rest of the school.That is one use case, yes. I can also think of good way to use logic to take care of this as well, but having all of the data in one inspection instead of multiple makes sense, so yes you could use sync-less inspections in this manner.AmericasInspections
105When can we expect the iAuditor SharePoint integration - where the report can automatically be stored in new PDF format?Great news! You can currently integrate iAuditor with Sharepoint. There are a few options for this connection but arguably the easiest is connecting to Sharepoint using MS Power Automate. The instructions are here:, but if you need more assistance feel free to reach out to our support team at support@safetyculture.comAPACIntegrations
106I use the software for something a little different. I use it so that my assessors can use the checklists to undertake practical assessments in the workplace against particular skills and knowledge - eg working safely at heights. It works well, however, I need to integrate it to our online learning system so that our assessors can access the relevant checklists from one site. I have been in touch with your team and they have provided API details and the provider of the online learning system has said it is possible however I am now stuck in terms of next steps. Any ideas on where I can go for help. I need to make sure we can do this.Happy to help where we can, we will get in touch with you. APACIntegrations
107Very good webinar, thank you / as you might be aware, some of the businesses have some "safety culture" systems in place, which is very hard to adapt to such a software as your one iAuditor = who can I talk to specifically about interface in between our systems and your system?With our Premium account we have an open API which allows you to export iAuditor data into other existing systems that you have within your business. We have some more information on integrations here, but please let us know if you are looking for something in particular!EMEAIntegrations
108What is iAuditor interfacing with, any third party software systems like Keystone or Northgate? With our Premium account we have an open API which allows you to export iAuditor data into other existing systems that you have within your business. We have some more information on integrations here, but please let us know if you are looking for something in particular!EMEAIntegrations
109Can you talk more about integrations and how to set up an integration with Power BI?Yes and I sent you an email on that as wellAmericasIntegrations
110Is there a chance the poll can be implemented into iAuditor?We'll get in touch. APACOther
111For inspections carried out on equipment, machinery and vehicles. Is there a method that external activities such as servicing being diarised, etc.?Not at the moment, unless you want to connect your inspections directly to your maintenance software using our API. More information here:
112How much does it cost for the premium version?You can find all our pricing information here:
113Where do I find tutorial videos for iAuditor?There are some great options here to start with:
114I am new to iAuditor. Does your platform allow for a URL link for another person to complete a form without having to login to IAuditor?Hi there! Thanks for your question. To complete an inspection digitally using iAuditor, you must be logged into iAuditor!AmericasOther
115Does iAuditor have offline options?Yes you can use iAuditor offline, once you connect to a wifi or mobile network the results will sync back to the cloud.AmericasOther
116Can/will there be an ability to use the "Notify" feature on multiple options in a single question?


Question: What emissions are visible from the smokestack?

A1: White/steam (no notification)
A2: Dark/smoke (NOTIFICATION)

With OTHER being a "catch-all" in case something unexpected is reported.

Currently can only use Notify on 1 answer.
We're currently looking into how to better enable you to notify your teams of important information. This work includes a re-examination of the notifications feature. Hopefully, we'll be able to address your needs very shortly. APACPlatform
117After a report is created, is there an option of sending email notifications?Yes, you will use the email system for your operating system (Android/iOS) to send the email out.AmericasPlatform
118How do I put my Company logo on the top of a template?The best way to add a logo to your template would be using our Report Preferences feature. You are able to add a custom logo to your template or to individual preferences if you wish. I've included a link here to help you get set up.EMEAReporting
119Not a COVID related question, but is there anywhere I can put the company logo rather than just at the beginning of the document? I'd like to add it as a header/footer on each page however the option isn't availableHi, unfortunately it is currently only possible to add the logo on the title page of the report rather than in the header or footer. We welcome all feedback, if this is something you'd like, please could you submit this feedback here - EMEAReporting
120I am new to IAuditor. Can the report format be changed as well as the template so that the summary is on the front page?Hi, it is possible to edit the formatting of the report using "report preferences". This can be found when editing the template, with there being a "report" tab at the top to customise the report formatting. The title page by default always comes first, so I would recommend having all questions that you want included at the beginning of your report to be included in the title page.EMEAReporting
121We could do with being able to alter reports produced from iAuditor to tailor information for different customers as we have a very wide client baseYou can use Report Preferences to make different variations of your reports based on client/customer needs. Feel free to contact our support team for more info.EMEAReporting
122Can you create an email template? (for example, every week I share the inspection reports to the same people and same verbiage).Yes, the new "Report Preferences" feature allows you to create specific email templates per person. To learn more, here’s an article that will give you a deep dive on how to configure and use this!
123The iAuditor scheduling does not cater for our scheduling. Our inspections are based on 28 days per scaffold. We need to schedule in our database, then use iAuditor to do these inspections. It would be great to integrate the two.Great to know! Scheduling integrations are something that the team will likely look into soon. For now, the calendar integration is on the roadmap - maybe this is something that will help with your current visibility issues? APACScheduling
124I'd like to see improvements to the scheduling side of iAuditor are any of these on the improvement timeline? Being able to attach documents to the planned inspection booking and diary type layouts on the app would make it more useful. By sharing drawings, maps, or previous inspections as attachments the person carrying out has relevant reference docs. Also being able to open or view inspections before the booked time so inspections can be planned out without having staff waiting to unlock the templates. Please change the default repeat option to none rather than daily when booking an inspection as we have to change it each time!We are currently looking at ways in which we can develop our scheduling feature and our engineering team would love to hear from you! Please would you be able to add your specific feedback here so the team can understand how we can make scheduling better!EMEAScheduling
125When creating a scheduled inspection, will there be an option to add a note in your "scheduled appointment." I was creating some the other day and wanted to list some notes to show up on the schedule reminder, but it was not an option.That is not currently an option available to you in scheduled inspections, but we can enter that as a feature request.AmericasScheduling
126Can you set up a scheduled report to any email?You can only schedule inspection to iAuditor users. If they do not have an iAuditor license and you schedule an inspection to them it will send them an invitation to join your account.AmericasScheduling
127I use an iPad to compile my reports. Can the internal motion sensors be integrated with iAuditor?It's not something we're looking at currently, however the team is always looking for new use cases in the real-time monitoring space so we'll add it to the list of options. Thank you! APACSensors
128Can you please share what are the hardwares available that will allow us to monitor temperature? Can you please share some suppliers for this.Absolutely, we are actually a supplier of hardware that integrates into iAuditor, so you can purchase from us directly. More information available on - please reach out via the contact form on the website if you need more information.APACSensors
129Question, could you use video tracking like facial recognition and see if a training candidate is doing an action inline with a checklist? E.g. candidate lifts their arms too high to reach component. (ergonomics)?This is not something we offer at the moment.APACSensors
130Can you please add the weather feature to our account?Absolutely, I can follow up on this one after the webinar.APACSensors
131Is there any developments in the live monitoring system to expand to other fields other than sensors, like user activity on external CRM platform?Live answeredAPACSensors
132We store hundreds of tons of stockfeed in big stores. we would like to temperature monitor but nothing is viable. Suggestions for a pile of say 28,000 ton, 16m high.We would need to learn more about the use case before making a recommendation - do you need to monitor temperatures of the air or inside the stockfeed itself? I imagine temperature varies at different points in the pile?APACSensors
133We do a lot of remote location work, and our inspections are done offline. Syncing often occurs at the end of the day when travelling back to camp from mining sites. When would the sensor info be collected. Currently we have trouble collecting accurate Latitude and Longitude data because of this.Live answeredAPACSensors
134I would like more information on the sensors monitoring and weather monitoring!For sure, we can follow-up with that shortly. AmericasSensors
135I would like weather data for inspections.For sure, we can follow-up with that shortly. AmericasSensors
136Please add weather to my account.You are showing as anonymous for me. Just let your account manager know that you heard about the weather sensors beta from the product webinar and she can arrange to get you set up.AmericasSensors
137Any future integration for torque wrench data. Example wheel torque?This is not currently on our radar, however with integrations you have many options since we have an open public API. It usually just depends on the level of complexity and the resources you have available. More information on integrations can be found here:
138Will the weather alerts include severe weather like tornadoes/lightning?The data comes from Accuweather so it should. I'm not sure what the initial alerts setup will look like, but this is certainly the ideal use case for weather alerts and reporting using real-time monitoring. AmericasSensors
139Does iAuditor have a subscription model where clients or stakeholders can access completed reports (but not complete the checklists) to help more people access the information?You can always share inspection reports with your stakeholders via PDF or web link with no additional cost. More on your report export options can be seen here: You can also send actions to external stakeholders via email. For all other features, that individual would need to be apart of your iAuditor account. APACTeam Management
140Can third parties outside of your business be given access to certain inspections without the need for them to be a registered user? E.g. a pre start checklist to be completed by a sub contractor/trade when attending a site.At the moment it can be done by sharing the inspection to that party's email. More on sharing here: However, we're looking to optimize this process to make it easier in the future.APACTeam Management
141Can you use TeamTrain to create a video and send it to people in the organization that don't have an iAuditor licence?TeamTrain is currently a completely separate app from iAuditor. That means that you are not limited to the iAuditor licensing. You can check out pricing for TeamTrain on their website here:
142Would be keen to learn more about the TeamTrain appGreat, we'll be in touch, in the meantime there's some information on the TeamTrain website here:
143Can TeamTrain videos have captions?Not at the moment, however to ensure our apps are accessible this is something we should look into in the near future. APACTeamTrain
144Is TeamTrain available to us now, if so how to access?Yes, TeamTrain is available now for free. To sign-up visit the TeamTrain website:
145Also interested in the TeamTrain information.Amazing, we will reach out to you. In the meantime, check out their website here:
146Did you say how long a video can be?Videos can be 2 minutes long, at maximum. Here is our website if you’d like to learn more!
147Is it possible to export an inspection template as a PDF for consultation and review?Right now it is quite difficult to export the template, this is something the team is looking into so that it's easier in the future. For now, the main workaround is to login and conduct and inspection, then "mark as complete" without answering any questions. You'll be able to export the blank report from there. APACTemplates
148Do all the templates I create end up in the Public Library or are these private to my login and I can share to the library as I wish?All of the templates you create on your account are private. Only the templates you choose to share end up in the Public Library.APACTemplates
149I work in the events industry and so will amend this to create a bespoke events template; can i then share this to others for free online?You might want to take a look at our sharing document here: This will detail how you can share a template with other users in your organization and give them access to the results.EMEATemplates
150Hi, A Follow up will do for this question. I completed a new template yesterday for a machine, machine one, I have three machines, is there an easy way to duplicate this template to do machines 2 and 3 ? . Also if I miss Monday's scheduled inspection, is there any way to go back on Tuesday to fill it out? regards JohnTo duplicate the template, check the little box next to the name of the template and then click the "duplicate" button in the top right hand corner. This should then give you a completely separate version of the template. EMEATemplates
151What do you have for construction works/sitesWe have a wide array of templates that you may download from our public library: We also have some featured COVID-19 templates that you may find useful. And these templates can be customized too.EMEATemplates
152One of the things that the government in the UK are asking for a risk assessment before businesses restarting, do you have these in the library?Yes, we have lots of different examples of risk assessment templates and specific returning to work templates too which are available to download from our Public Library. You can then customise these if you wish.
153Where can I find the required excel format for uploading an audit template?We don't have a specific example. I would advise keeping your checklist as simple as possible, one column for questions, the other for answers. The smart scan feature will digitise it as best it can, but you may need to make some minor tweaks and move things around here and there, but the good news is the bulk of the text will already be in your template!EMEATemplates
154Can we use checklists with iAuditor?We are a digital inspection tool which allows you to completely customise and create any type of regular check that you need to do. I'd definitely take a look at our Public Library at to get an idea of the inspections you can do, or even upload one of your own to try! EMEATemplates
155I've tried to create a template based on a business process, asset data collection i.e. different data requested based on asset type. This business process changes regularly i.e. new asset types or different data requirements. Because of the size of this process it is difficult to continually change. Is there a way to link with the data requirements structure to automatically create a template or part of a template?We do not currently support the modification or creation of templates via the API. The best recommendation would be to make use of SmartScan to make the initial import easier.EMEATemplates
156Is there any plans to alter the template builder, the current UI is a lot more tedious than previous versions and would strongly recommend returning to the original or atleast having the option to switch between the layout.We have a specific Inspections engineering team dedicated to the template editor and inspection experience. We are constantly trying to improve our features, but please add any specific feedback so we can understand exactly how we can improve in future!EMEATemplates
157Is there a way to print a template in blank formatAs our goal is to digitise the inspection process, it is not possible to export a blank version of the template as such. However, a work around to this would be to conduct a blank inspection from the template and then export this - however, it will not show all of the different answer sets you have. EMEATemplates
158I have problems getting the same shade of red, green or amber when setting up questions. Is there a way of setting default shades?When creating response sets, there are a select number of colours to choose from. When selecting a specific colour, this will then apply to all answers using this specific response set. If you are using HTML codes to add in a larger variety of colours, this will require a little more work to go through and apply these to each response set that you have. EMEATemplates
159Is there a way to do a global search of a template? Searching from the browser only searches those logic items that are selected.Not at the moment, however this is a great idea and we're happy to pass it along to the team. AmericasTemplates
160Is there any plan to implement global variables that can be referenced throughout the template?Not at the moment, however this is a great idea and we're happy to pass it along to the team. AmericasTemplates
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