It was wonderful catching up with each one of you to review all things iAuditor, product roadmap, and of course, your ideas and feedback. Since we don’t always have time to review all of your questions live, we wanted to take a chance to post your questions with their corresponding answers. We hope that you can also take a moment to review and learn from other’s questions to see what common discussion points you may have.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through chat, phone, or email if you have any other questions.

QuestionAnswer(s)Webinar regionFeature category
The actions function does not work correctly for us as it does not link back to the original audit question which may have photos attached to it.One of our top priorities is to build more context into the timeline of actions, so the assignee or anyone looking at an action will know what inspection, inspection item, notes, and images relate to this action, making it easier to assess, resolve and move on.APACActions
On the report we print out the auditor's name, when it comes up in a large font and the area we are auditing is in small print. Is there a way to fix this?This is not customization we currently offer in report preferences. However, you can do most of the customizations you need by exporting to Word. In the case you've described, I highly recommend trying the Word export. APACReporting
Is there any chance we could have an "exclude media" option in preferences?Right now, we don't intend to add this as an option. However, we will monitor the feedback, and if more come in, we can consider prioritizing it. You can, however, remove the appendix (with all the additional media).APACReporting
Can real-time monitoring be set up for, "Is the solar system working?" This would help with a large number at different sites.Through our BYO sensors offering, we offer the capability to bring in information from another hardware device to iAuditor and leverage our alerts functionality. If the solar systems have built-in monitoring from the manufacturer, then we can look at pulling that data into iAuditor and setting up alerts based on "working, not working." APACSensors
In response to sensors - we also check UV rates. Can we do this using your sensors?We don't currently offer this functionality. However, UV rates are a really accessible public data source that, similar to weather, and we are interested in pulling into the system. This is something we will trial and review in the near future. APACSensors
Will there be improvements to the scheduling tool to expand the visibility of inspections more than 7 days?The team is actively researching on this subject right now. As part of that research, we're looking at better ways to visualize schedules. APACScheduling
Can you use the sensor function on iPads?Sensors are set up in a way that you receive alerts on your mobile device, but do the majority of the monitoring aspects on the iAuditor web app. However, since iPads have larger screens, you could consider simply logging onto the web app from your iPad's internet browser and accessing the sensors dashboard that way. APACSensors
With the publically available data in sensors, does the sites feature allow for sites to be associated with a geolocation?At the moment, this is not something we offer. Ideally, it's something we will look at in the future. Like you, other customers have mentioned how helpful it would trigger certain features in iAuditor based off of a geo-fenced site location. APACSensors
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) would be able to give all the information for all places.Thank you for the suggestion - this is an excellent place for us to review data sets that we can bring in to the Sensors dashboard.APACSensors
With the alert to action feature, will that extend to automate the "create action" and "assignment to a group" later on the roadmap? Will this also extend to when a certain response is selected in an inspection that the action is created automatically and assigned to group or individual. We're interested in "templated" actions. We are also really interested and excited by this prospect. We are most definitely moving towards templated actions, just as you have described. With more work to be done to improve our notifications and user experience, we will work on delivering this experience first, so when the auto-creation workflow is available, the experience is already there to match it. APACActions
Interested if you have any way of reading RFID tag. As they are RFID tag now being put on things like electrical zip ties.At the moment, we don't have this functionality. However, a few customers have brought this up lately, so we may look into it in the near future. APACSensors
Can we have more than 5 favorites in templates?At this stage, our bookmarks feature only extends up to 5. APACTemplates
Will we be able to take a photo when creating an action on the mobile app?Of course, you should be able to do that currently! Once you log the action, switch over to the "Activity" feed to add notes and pictures. APACActions
Can non-iAuditor users can attach photo when completing action as proof of completion?Non-iAuditor users (external assignees) can update the status of an action through email but cannot add additional photos. If you're looking for that level of interaction, we recommend bringing the external users into your iAuditor account. APACActions
Can you build your own template similar to the "Incident and near miss" template into another, lets say a morning meeting toolbox meeting?We do not currently support the triggering of additional templates from one another, nor do we have the capability to pull information forward between two inspections. That said - this sort of thing does play well into how we can better facilitate workflows among your teams, so it will be something we look into more in the long-term future. APACIncidents, Templates
Would it be possible to add a report to where we could see which Sites have not had a certain audits completed?You should be able to pull this report in analytics. You won't be able to compare sites, but you can filter by site or use the "completed" report in combination with the "sites" filter to review which sites have completed inspections for the day by template. APACSites
Will you have the ability to enable the incidents and observations feature if you select to - some organisations may have their own process or program in place and would potentially result in duplication / confusion if enabled.As an organization, we will empower you to decide how you would like to use, or not use incidents, as you have explained. We completely understand that there are existing processes and systems in place that organizations will continue to use, and we don't want your teams getting confused about where to raise an incident. APACIncidents
Loading up to your learning platform does it protect the business' Intellectual Property?Any content you load onto iAuditor is segregated from other companies. Therefore you can feel confident that your content is only seen by the individuals you share it to.APACTraining
Can you assign actions in your incident report?At this stage, we're still in pilot mode, with limited functionality. However, connecting incidents with actions is something the team is currently researching. APACIncidents
Will every worker need a paid user account to log actions?You can assign actions to "external assignees," someone outside of your iAuditor account, by typing their email directly into the assignee field. The external assignee can then interact with the action via email and update the status. APACActions
Do you have a Power BI specialist who could assist me in this area?If you reach out to our support team at, they can put you in contact with one of our global customer success managers. They're not full Power BI subject-matter-experts, but they can advise you in other iAuditor/PowerBI connections they've helped setup. APACIntegrations
Does Tableau connector now support sites?The Tableau connector supports Sites in that it pulls the Site data associated with the Inspection - however, it does not pull standalone Site data. APACIntegrations
Is real time monitoring up and going? Currently monitor online site by site.Yes, sensors are live within iAuditor today and provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and historical trend information in the apps and on the web.APACSensors
How much is TeamTrain for over 30 users?We expect TeamTrain for 30 to 200 users to be around $5 per user per month. If you have greater than 200 users, please opt to talk with us. Due to the complexities of rolling out a brand new product, we won't start charging for TeamTrain until late 2020. APACTraining
Any chance of a dark mode for iPhone?Great news, the team is currently working to make dark mode available. Watch this space! APACOther
Will we soon be able to assign actions to several users at once?Yes, this is something the team is exploring, and once the incidents feature is released, we may experiment on assigning groups for both features. EMEAActions
One of my clients has asked where the data collected from our inspections is stored?By default, data is stored in our US data center (DC), hosted by AWS. Other DCs are available (T&Cs apply)EMEAInspections
When will Spotlight's features be fully integrated into iAuditor?The pilot is currently in progress, and we expect a broader release over the next few months of 2020. EMEAIncidents
Waiting for simple operations [or calculations] in iAuditor between items.Currently under consideration, please see product updates page here:
Can I assign users to a particular site so they can only see inspections/actions for that site?Not available at present, but the team is exploring this option as a part of our Incidents offering.EMEASites
Can I add a photo to an action immediately when I create it (instead of having to go into the activity feed afterwards and add one)?Not available at present, but the team is exploring this option as a part of future actions workflowsEMEAInspections
when exporting a report ot word can the language be automatically set to English UK?Not currently an option, although language options across the platform are under exploration as we continue to look at expanding our language functionality and support. EMEAReporting
Any plans for a noise sensor?Noise isn't necessarily something we have looked at, but we are always adding more sensors for use cases our customers identify. EMEASensors
Will we soon be able to see action responses on reports?I don't believe this is currently part of the roadmap, but will pass on for considerationEMEAActions
Will we be able to disable the Actions feature?At present, it's not possible to disable the actions feature.EMEAActions
You change the report preferences feature. The old ones remain active?As we improve on preferences, existing preferences will not be affected.EMEAReporting
Verification on actions also would be really helpful.This is currently under exploration by our team.EMEAActions
Export profiles are still showing up for my company, but we can’t remove them until they are phased out, it’s really annoying! When are they going?We can resolve this by moving your organization to the new reporting experience.EMEAReporting
Will sensors be available in countries such as South Africa?Yes, sensors are available worldwide. Sensors for South Africa are sourced through our UK office. Reach out to us at EMEASensors
An plans for vibration monitoring ? (Occupational monitoring)This is being looked into by our sensors team.EMEASensors
Is it possible for someone without an iauditor account (eg. a contractor) to interact with actions? If yes, are there any limitations?You can assign actions to users without an iAuditor account via their email address. They will not be able to add text or photo evidence. However they can change the status of an action.EMEAActions
Will there be an integration possible with Microsoft teams, or outlook e.g.?Direct integration into these tools is not currently available. We do have Zapier and MS Flow connectors, which can integrate into Microsoft products. See more at
Do you have a leak detection sensor and also can we integrate it to a SMS or voice call modules?Water leak - This is something that the current sensor manufacturer, Monnit, provides, and it shouldn’t be too hard for us to integrate it in the future. The “Integrate with SMS” in its current state, and we can trigger SMS messages without an integration required. However, we don’t yet have a voice call capability or other integrations, but potentially if you found your own email/SMS to voice call system, you could set up that integration. EMEASensors
Is there any plans to improved the missed audits section? It will not show people who completed audits from the template.The development of the scheduling feature is being looked into, although we don't have any specific timeframes to deliver any changes.EMEAScheduling
Could vibration sensors be used for escalators and lifts within a shopping centre?Vibration is something we have explored with a couple of customers so far. To date, we do not have a current offering. We are looking for more information around the specific vibration metrics that a customer requires. Further feedback is needed before an integration can be scoped. EMEASensors
If you create an action during the inspection, will the action show up at that point the next time you do the checklist? We find that things get missed one week to the next.The historical action will not show in the next inspection; however, with item history, you can refer to previous inspections. EMEAActions
Will it be possible to assign actions to people outside iAuditor, by sending mails?You can assign actions to users without an iAuditor account via their email address. They will not be able to add text or photo evidence. They can change the status of an action.EMEAActions
Are there any plans to be able to customize the sender identity when emailing an action to the designated person? Currently they all arrive from "safetyculture" which isn't always recognised by the individual tasked with completing the action and hence sometimes ignored.This isn't in our immediate plans; however, we will consider this for future improvements.EMEAActions
Will you have a voice ability to speak the responses in?Depending on your device, you can use the built-in dictation feature to speak directly into iAuditor.EMEAInspections
What about different languages that can be selected in one platform?There are several different languages available on the mobile app (Android and iOS). However, this will not automatically translate the content of your templates. Expanded language features are on the way.EMEAOther
About integrations: will the details of an inspection be made available to MS Power Automate? (as is, we have only the entire inspection to work with)Power Automate (formerly MS Flow) can access the inspection data from individual inspections. See
Any plans to link users to Sites? (e.g., If I log in to iAuditor with a user, it knows my site and the templates I have access to?)Not available at present but is being explored, initially as part of Incidents.EMEASites
Team management
About templates: when using a logic step, will it be possible to jump to another part / question within the checklist?Logic can show and hide questions, but not jump to other sections or pages at present.EMEATemplates
Do iAuditor and TeamTrain have an option for signatures to demonstrate that the video or and the feedback has been received?TeamTrain currently doesn't support signatures but does support answerable questions so you can track the assignee's success.EMEATeamTrain
Are teams above 30 not free in TeamTrain?We expect TeamTrain for 30 to 200 users to be around $5 per user per month. If you have greater than 200 users, please opt to talk with us. Due to the complexities of rolling out a brand new product, we won't start charging for TeamTrain until late 2020. EMEATeamTrain
Is it only videos you can use on TeamTrain or can you upload written information for training?We built TeamTrain around the concept of being able to upskill and have your workers raise their game through microlearning, short 2 minute videos that you can crowdsource from your employees. This allows you to show your workers how you do things in your company. There isn't the option to attach written information, but you do have the opportunity to add several questions to each lesson so you can test your users' knowledge of the lesson they have just watched.EMEATeamTrain
Regarding iAuditor groups/users, new users or users added to groups don't see retrospective inspections, need to contact support. is this changing?We are looking into how we can improve the sharing features. For now, if the templates or inspections arealways shared to a group, adding a new user to the relevant group should provide them with the historical data.EMEATeam management
Simple calculations and operations in iAuditor? (e.g.,+ - * /) This is something currently under consideration with the team. See our product updates page to vote on priority and provide us with feedback at
How much does TeamTrain cost for over 30 users?We expect TeamTrain for 30 to 200 users to be around $5 per user per month. If you have greater than 200 users, please opt to talk with us. Due to the complexities of rolling out a brand new product, we won't start charging for TeamTrain until late 2020. EMEATeamTrain
MS Power automate in iAuditor?This is currently possible, Power Automate has an iAuditor connector. If you're looking for more information, refer here:
How about 'JIRA' for problem management?iAuditor can connect to Jira through our Zapier connectorEMEAIntegrations
Regarding Tableau, is it on a per inspection basis or can we point at aggregated analytics data?Our Tableau connection brings all of your inspection data into Tableau for modelling. You can learn more about setting up a connection with Tableau here:
Do you connect with Building Link?There is no direct connection with Building Link. This may be possible depending on if they have a public API. If you're interested in learning more about our integrations try starting here:
So will sections within a report be available to different people? (e.g., sanitation goes to one person, and repairs go to another)At the moment, you can set up different report preferences for different groups to hide/show specific information. However, one limitation, our report preferences currently do not support hiding/showing information by a section on the report. The AmericasReporting
What other types of real-time monitoring that you re planning on adding in?We are currently focusing on being able to support data in from a range of systems, rather than hardware we would distribute ourselves. Therefore if you have a type of automated information you would like inside iAuditor, let us know, and we can investigate. You can reach us at We are also currently looking at bringing real-time, location-based weather information into iAuditor and using this to trigger alerts, actions, and more.The AmericasSensors
Can we include a sensor from a thermograph being inside of a container going overseas?We do not yet have hardware ready to integrate into iAuditor for this use case. However, we recommend checking out our friends Parsyl who specialize in this kind of monitoring. We have heard feedback about this particular use case from several of our customers and will investigate whether we can build it into our product shortly.The AmericasSensors
Are you still merging with the Spotlight app?Yes, our new incidents functionality (currently in pilot) will include many of the learnings taken from the Spotlight experiment. Stay updated on our product updates page for more information on the incidents roll-out: AmericasIncidents
Right now you do not have the public weather?We're in the process of integrating public weather data into the iAuditor, sensors ecosystem. This will allow you to not just to review the weather but set up custom alerts around conditional thresholds. The AmericasSensors
Questions that are triggered as failed within an inspection, is there any plans to automatically create actions?This is something we're closely examining for future actions iterations. We will look more closely into this offering once the incidents feature is released.The AmericasActions
Is there any plans to having the assigned tasks be able to create sub-tasks to monitor a flow of work?Great idea, but this is not in the roadmap at the moment. If you'd like a workaround, you can always launch a new action off the back of a previously completed one; however, they are not linked. The AmericasActions
The action export (Excel) is not user friendly. Lots of fields with computer generated code. Is this being addressed?The team would like to migrate actions data into our analytics platform eventually. This should help with usability.The AmericasActions
With TeamTrain, is there any way to make categories and sub-categories in order to make it easier to the video needed?Currently, there is only one categorization layer for lessons, and that is via "Courses." We will be implementing "Search" soon, and after that, also move to a tagging system. But those are medium-term on the road map.The AmericasTeamTrain
With TeamTrain, will there be a way to set videos up as mandatory and optional for the group/user?We are only about a week away from making video viewing mandatory before being able to answer questions on a lesson. So all videos will be mandatory by default. Later we will introduce the ability for lesson authors to choose whether they're mandatory or not, but for the short term, they will all be mandatory.The AmericasTeamTrain
When starting a template it only allows you to choose a site. Can we get it so we can choose a site, area, or region?At the moment, the team just chooses a site - and since those sites are set up in a hierarchy format. The site chosen is also associated with its relevant region and area. The AmericasSites
I have not used the library is there any additional cost?Absolutely no additional cost associated with using the Public Library. You can check it out online here: AmericasOther
In respect to the inspections we like that the date and time stamps are controlled. Meaning that a person who is doing an inspection cannot manipulate the time or date the inspection is done. Is that possible?We don't have any plans right now to adjust this as quite often, customers want to be able to set a date for "conducted on." However, the "started on" date does not change and is fixed based on when the inspection was actually started. This can be found in the inspection details on the inspections list page.The AmericasInspections
Under new export profile need to be able to control what info goes into body of email. Clients would like to be able to see score without having to open the report.You will be able to do that with our new report preference shortly. Keep an eye out on our product updates page for the next updates: AmericasReporting
New export profiles don't have option to bcc. I would like to be bcc'd on all reports.The same preference (mentioned above) will also include the ability to add a BCC contact. eep an eye out on our product updates page for the next updates: AmericasReporting
Why is an internet connection required to view a report? I used to be able to view and send an inspection report without an internet connection. Sometimes the only internet connection available is through my phone's hotspot and if the phone has no signal there's no way to view the report.Noted, we believe we can provide a richer experience when customers connect to the internet. However, the team is currently researching offline report generation and what the pain-points are around that area of feedback. The AmericasReporting
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