As always, it was lovely catching up with each and every one of you to review your ideas and feedback. Since we don’t always have time to review all of your questions live, we wanted to take a chance to post your questions with their corresponding answers. We hope that you can also take a moment to review and learn from other’s questions to see what common discussion points you may have.

Region QuestionTopicAnswer(s)
APACWhat about SharePoint?IntegrationsWe do have several options for integrating the product using sharepoint. The most common is to setup the integration using MS Flow, otherwise you can setup a direct connection to our Public API by referring to the documentation. Documentation on Sharepoint connections here:
APACAre we going to be able to generate a weekly pdf summary report of the analytics for a particular template?AnalyticsThere's no option for setting up a report to send directly from analytics to your inbox, but you can bookmark reports in analytics and return to them weekly with new date ranges.
APACHow to get the inspection data for analyzing using Power BI - can we use MS FLow for that?Yes, you can use MS flow to set up the connection. More on MS flow here:
APACWe do not export data to another system yet but would be interested in iAuditor exporting or working with Service Now our service ticketing system Can iAuditor export/link to Service Now?IntegrationsWe do not have a direct connection with Service Now, but it's worth having a look to see if Service Now is offered through any of our third-party connectors like Zapier or MS Flow. Otherwise, if you have access to a developer, you can set up a custom integration using our Public API. More on integrations here: or visit or developer portal at
APACCan you set a default/different font for the report?ReportingYou cannot currently set a default font through our report preferences function, but you can adjust the font using our "export to Word" functionality.
APACIs it possible to get rid of Disclaimer or move it around?ReportingYes you can select to customize, hide, or show the disclaimer message through our report preferences feature.
APACWhat about simple things like text effects? bold, italic, underline and colour?ReportingYou cannot currently set a default font through our report preferences function, but you can adjust the font using our "export to Word" functionality.
APACI use the same templates across 40 sites. I find it difficult to find the last audit completed from each site in the system as the "location" isnt able to be filtered. Is there an easy way?TemplatesYou can filter using a search and a standardized naming convention in the inspection title.
APACWhen will photo functionality be available when raising an action? I have iAuditor interfacing with ServiceNow and need a photo to accompany the action rather than against the question.ActionsYou can currently add photos to the actions timeline, if you're working with the Actions API, the functionality will be available shortly and is now in beta version.
APACIs internet accessibility a requirement when completing an audit via an iPad.InspectionsNo, we offer offline compatibility via our iOS (Apple) and Android apps.
APACIs there location geo tagging on pics from actions?InspectionsThis is not yet available, but something we're looking into.
APACIs there any way of making the Actions lists viewable (codes per area)ActionsActions are currently "open by default" if lodged stand-alone meaning the entire organizatio can see and act on them. Actions logged as part of an inspection follow the same viewing perimission as the inspection results that they originate from. Actions permissions are on the roadmap.
APACCan I auto-generate a unique document number for each inspection so it can be referenced back to?InspectionsYes, you can do that using our "document numbering" functionality. There are, however, a few things to be aware of when using this function, it is device specific.
APACCan you remove the default page numbers and "private & confidential?"ReportingThis may be a pre-set option determined by your admin at the global report preferences level. Some items can be disabled, but we recommend using global settings for standardized reports in most cases. More on report preferences here:
APACIs there a non iPad version becoming available for offline access?InspectionsYes, we offer offline compatibility via our iOS (Apple) and Android apps. That would include Samsung tablets, etc.
APACCan we use our company's Active Directory with iAuditor?IntegrationsYes, we have an Active Director integration. More on Active Directory integrations here:
EMEAHello, we are using iAuditor for conducting risk assessment for our suppliers, is there a possibility to send the checklists on a web based platform to our suppliers so that they can themselves fulfill the information in the checklistInspectionsThere are a few ways you can accomplish this setup - by far the easiest is to add your suppliers as users on your organization and share the template to them from your account. More on sharing here:
EMEAAlthough the design of the new template is much easier to use are there plans to add more features to the export profile i.e. size of text, font, headers, etc.ReportingThe team will continue to add new features to the report preferences options. There are no specifics scoped at this time.
EMEACan be export of data in iAuditor automated? I mean that don't have to export data manualy each time I want to have fresh data, e.g. in excel, powerBIIntegrationsYes using our exporter tools, especially for BI tool integrations, see more here:
EMEAHow do we go about running a report on iAuditor to pass to our clients?InspectionsYou can complete your report and either (a) export as a PDF or (b) share a unique web report link to your clients.
EMEADo recipients of reports need to be registered users to enable email usage?InspectionsIf they're reviewing individual reports they do not need a license, you You can either (a) export as a PDF or (b) share a unique web report link to your clients.
EMEACan a generic group email address have a license if the group users don't need to complete templates, but we want to share the results with a groupReportingOf course, you can either set up a group in iAuditor for those individuals and "share/auto-share" results to their account or set up a distribution list from your email client as a distribution list, not necessarily from iAuditor.
EMEAHow can actions be transferred to Trello?IntegrationsAt the moment, you can't connect the new collaborative actions feature with Trello, but you will have the option soon. Ideally, you'd use a third-party connection service, like Zapier, to set up an integration between actions and Trello. The actions integration service is still in beta, more to come on this. More on Zapier here:
EMEAAlso, can the report be exported landscape? Are there plans to do so?ReportingThe only way to change the orientation of the report at the moment is to export to Word and change it from there. We do not currently have plans for this change but will look into it further.
EMEACan you group the Audits by site? Or do you always have to share individual audits one at a time?AnalyticsYou can use sites, regions and area to filter in analytics. More on sites and analytics here:
EMEAWhere do I find the report preferences tab?ReportingReport preferences can be accessed by editing the template and navigating to the "report" tab. See the instructions here:
EMEAIs it possible for users with external email addresses to give details of its "in progress" status of the actions, or they can just say "completed"?ActionsThey can update the status of the action to "in progress" and add comments directly from their email.
EMEAWhy is it that some checklist are not visible to some users on iAuditor?Team ManagementIt's likely the way that the sharing has been setup on your account. More on sharing here:
EMEAIn actions can we have an "actionee" without an email address. Just a named personActionsYou can assign actions to people in your iAuditor team by name, however if you want to assign actions outside of iAuditor you need to use an email address.
EMEACan we pull through the contract to show when we raise an actionActionsAt the moment that's not possible unless you take a picture of the contract and attach it to the activity feed. We're currently looking at document attachment and how that might factor into the inspection experience so we can explore the idea for actions as well.
EMEACan you assign the action to more than one person?ActionsNot at the moment, however the team is currently working to make this change so that you can also assign actions to a group.
AmericaAre those training available as videos?OtherYes! You can find past recorded webinars here:
AmericaIf I have a specific site or job number i can push those audits directly to an external file or folder automatically?IntegrationsYes! An example would be exporting those inspections to an excel file as soon as it is completed, or you can schedule the automation to run every week to grab that data weekly (or whichever recurrence you'd like to set it to. (
AmericaIs there a limit to how many sites I can add?SitesThere is, the exact number I am not sure of but it is well into the thousands.
AmericaCan you use a distribution group to send the reports to?ReportingYes, as long as the email address you are sending to is valid you can absolutely send it to a distribution group.
AmericaWhere in iAuditor do you put the email addresses for external people that need to see the information?ReportingThis is regarding report preferences, that is the last step for creating a report preference. Here is our support article that outlines that as well here:
AmericaCan we restrict users from viewing other sites' data?Team managementYes you can, you can select who has access to what data. That is done by using what we call, auto-sharing. You can share inspection results with a specific group or single users. More information about that here:
AmericaHow do you link groups to inspections such as Group 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts?Team managementSo you would first want to have those groups created in your account. From there, you can share inspections with a specific group, which gives them access to perform them. More information about sharing here:
AmericaCan you use a field in iAuditor to allow an email address to be input within the report, then send the final report to that addressee?ReportingThis would require some integration work using our open API or something such as Zapier or Microsoft Flow. You can create reports if you are sure of where that report needs to be sent; otherwise, you would have to leverage an external system to automate that.
AmericaHow do you separate (or sort) reporting by site, to prevent confusion between different sites reporting?SitesOnce you have created your sites, you can filter your analytics by site, and you can also create groups for each site to auto-share the results so that site leaders can only see results for their sites' inspections.
AmericaWhen will the scheduling function allow you to create an inspection based on that schedule?SchedulingThat is a great question. At this time, there is not a focus on that specific product function in the roadmap. What I can do is forward this feedback to our product team as feedback.
AmericaI would like to know how to tell the status of the safety inspections in iAuditorInspectionsIf you have access to those inspections, you can click on the "inspections" tab, and you can see a "completed" column. If that column is empty, then it is in progress, if there is a date there, then it is completed.
AmericaCan I delete an inspection that was started by one of my team and another team member started the same inspection, so I now have two inspections for the same unit.InspectionsYes, if you can see it in the "Inspections" section of your account and you are an admin with view/edit/delete rights, then you will be able to delete that inspection.
AmericaWill iAuditor send the creator of an action a reminder if the action has not been completed or do you have to go into action items daily? Will it send the assignee a reminder if they haven't completed and deleted the original email from iAuditor?ActionsThere are no reminders currently for actions. There is only a notification of the assignment and due date once it is created.
AmericaI haven't been able to find a way to upload evidence of correction photo to finalize the action. How do I do that?ActionsYou have to make sure that when you visit the action from the mobile device or web platform that you select the action. Once you have chosen the action on the mobile device and you are in that action, you will see at the "Activity" tab. Once you are in there, it will show you options to be able to add additional comments and photos that can be attached to that specific action. Now, if you are doing this from a computer on the web platform, all you have to do is click on the action, and it will take you to the "activity" thread that will allow you to add additional comments or photos for evidence.
AmericaDo you have to set up a cell number to chat? (Corrective actions)ActionsNo you do not
AmericaWill iAuditor send the creator of an action a reminder if the action has not been completed or do you have to go into action item daily? will it send the assignee a reminder if they havent completed and deleted the original email from iAuditor?ActionsCurrently they get a notification that the action is assisgned, but there is not a reminder thereafter to complete the action.
AmericaCan you assign an action to two people?ActionsYou cannot currently assign actions to a group, however this is something the team is currently exploring so make sure to watch this space.
Americacan you set up reports with pre-defined parameters to push these pdf reports out based on a schedule?SchedulingThat is not a feature you can do with iAuditor right now; however, you can use an external system such as Zapier or Microsoft Flow to get this done.
AmericaIs there a way to generate and/or only select certain audit results and consolidate to create graphs?AnalyticsYes, you can use the filters in analytics built into iAuditor to create the graphs that are created within iAuditor, or you can grab export that data and import into an external system to visualize the data.
AmericaCan we include the comments with failed items reports?AnalyticsNot currently, if you are downloading failed items only, you will only get a report that simply shows what items were failed, how many times it was answered compared to how many times it failed, and which template the failed item comes from.
AmericaHow do I export a summary of a specific inspection (all the reports) and not one by one?ReportingFrom the inspections section, filter your search by template, then check the box above the first inspection to select all of the inspections. From there, click the three dots in the top left of the screen, and export. That will export all of the inspections that you select at once.
AmericaWill there be a way to generate that email based on the contact information input intop the inspection?OtherNot without using our API or an integration
AmericaCan items found during a site inspection be organized into categories so for example if i find multiple fire issues instead of it being scattered throughout report can i make it so that it what is seen?InspectionsThere isn't a feature like this currently. Howeever, I'm happy to pass it along as a feature requeset.
AmericaCan you use iAuditor to perform audits (i.e., lab safety audits, hazardous waste, etc…)? Can you get root cause analysis information?InspectionsAbsolutely! You can use iAuditor to complete any inspections that you currently use. You would just need to create the template in iAuditor, and we also have a lab safety audit in our public library. You can use our analytics to get a root cause analysis as well.
AmericaOur audits/inspections are used internally to build on the dashboard. Can this be used with Team Viewer or Microsoft Teams?IntegrationsYes, our API will allow you to pull the data out of iAuditor into other systems.
AmericaCan you pull out specific information such as property emergency contact info and put in an excel formIntegrationsYes, you can use iAuditors API to extract the data. However, I would recommend trying MS Flow to pull the data from iAuditor into Excel.
AmericaCan you extract raw data on an excel spreadsheet?IntegrationsYes, you can use iAuditors API to extract the data. However, I would recommend trying MS Flow to pull the data from iAuditor into Excel.
AmericaIs it possible to reverse the trigger flow and have an external system trigger an event in iAuditor?IntegrationsYes definitely. You can cancel the trigger (event) that is setup within iAuditor and have that trigger set in an external system.
AmericaCan templates be aligned with QR codes, so when scanned, the QR code takes you to your template?OtherNot at this time. That is a feature we're toying with. However, it isn't likely to be a feature in the near future.
AmericaAny Update with Spotlight merging with iAuditor for incident reporting? Timeline?IncidentsYes, we're in the process of internal testing and looking for a phased rollout during Q1 of next year.
AmericaHow many sensors are you able to connect to a gate way?SensorsHundreds can be connected to a single gateway. It all depends on the range from the gateway.
AmericaI use iAuditor to conduct ergonomic evaluations. Is there anyone else that uses it for that purpose?OtherI don't know of any off the top of my head. However, we have a hugely vast customer base using iAuditor for a large number of different purposes. I would recommend looking for a template on the Public Library for Ergonomics as that would confirm others are using it for that purpose.
AmericaAny Update with Spotlight merging with iAuditor for incident reporting? Timeline?IncidentsYes, we're in the process of internal testing and looking for a phased rollout during Q1 of next year.
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