Work together to resolve problems quickly with your team like never before. iAuditor’s collaborative actions experience enables your organisation to work together to spot issues and correct them through the use of media evidence, comments and a timeline log. This level of transparency helps companies improve their operations with their teams and customers.

How do I create an action outside of the inspection experience?

  • Navigate to the actions menu on your mobile device
  • Select the “create action” button
  • Name / assign the action with a priority and select “create action”

Do my actions share to others in my organisation?

  • Once you create an action on the account, regardless of who its assigned to, the entire team will be able to view and act on the action. This is an “open by design” model meant to encourage collaboration among team members so anyone on your team can pick it up as a follow-up regardless of who it is assigned to.
  • The future roadmap includes the ability to assign some permissions settings to action viewing and is expected in April of 2019.


Can I delete an action?

  • No, at the moment it is not possible to delete an action from your list. This is a feature that is on the roadmap and expected soon.


What is the “timeline” in the actions menu used for?

  • With standalone actions you can now follow the action through to its completion. Anyone who interacts with the action will be able to view the “timeline feed” which documents any change of status, priority, due date, notes, and media, with a time and date stamp attached.


Can I still create actions from an inspection?

  • Yes, you can still create actions from your inspections and they flow back into the “actions” section for review from the team.


Why have we updated the actions view from its predecessor?

  • The standalone actions feature builds on previous versions to add a whole new, more streamlined approach to actions. With the creation of the standalone action experience you can now create an action regardless of whether you are conducting an inspection or not anytime, anywhere, anyone. This means that you and your team have more flexibility to identify follow-ups when and where you see them. Additionally, the new actions experience includes a “timeline” feed so that you can see how and when your action changes and progresses through its maturity.


Can I assign a standalone action to more than one person at a time?

  • At this point you can only assign to a single user within your organisation. The ability to assign outside of your team is on the future roadmap likely to be updated by May 2019.


Can I assign a standalone action to a user “group” from my iAuditor account?

  • No, at this point you can only assign to a single user within your organisation.This is a feature we are currently scoping for the future.


How can I add evidence to my new action? Where can I view that evidence as the action owner?

  • You can currently add notes and media (with annotations) to your action throughout its progression from the “timeline” view.


Can anyone update the action that I assign?

  • Yes, the experience is meant to be collaborative for anyone on the team who can address the action quickly. All updates are recorded and captured in the “timeline” view where you can review who has interacted and when the action changed.


Do my completed actions fall off my actions list?

  • No, we want customers to be able to view and monitor the history of their actions, including those that have been marked as complete. This means that if the action was not completed as expected it can be easily reactivated and reassigned. The standalone actions view will soon include the option to filter by “status” which will allow customers to limit their view and exclude completed actions.  


Can I see my actions from before enabling the new actions experience?

  • Yes, we will be doing a data migration. Once we release to the entire customer base we will migrate existing actions into the new experience.
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