The upload & convert a form option in our iAuditor Template Editor is a quick way for you to upload an existing checklist, and turn it into an interactive iAuditor form. Simply take a picture or scan the document and your iAuditor template will be ready in a snap.

Web app: How to upload a template

  1. Login to the iAuditor web app
  2. Navigate to “Templates” in the left-hand menu
  3. Select the blue “New template” button in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Press “Upload and convert form”

  5. Select a Word, Excel, or PDF file from your document library, or opt to take a photo of your document. 
  6. The form automatically uploads once you open a file
  7. Questions from the form will automatically separate and appear in the Template Editor
  8. Change the response type(s) if you need to switch the type of fields that display (e.g., free-text, question, etc.)


    Unable to get the form you need? Reach out to our go-digital team today to have your forms converted for free.

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