What are Unsupported Fields

An unsupported field in the iAuditor Template Editor is a field that has not yet been implemented in iAuditor. These fields will be eventually supported, as iAuditor is constantly updated, and new field types will continue to be added across all platforms.

unsupported field

Modifying Unsupported Fields

You are able to modify Unsupported Fields in the same way as any other field in the template editor.


An Unsupported Field will not trigger a Smart Field, but they can be nested underneath a Smart Field.

To Rename The Field:

  1. Click on the field.
  2. Click in the text box.
  3. Type your new title.

To Move the Field:

  • Click and drag the field into its new position.

To Delete the Field:

  • Click on the red “x” icon on the right-hand side of the field.