Template Editor: How to use notifications

Notifications generate an automatic flag in iAuditor, for the person or group you specify, when a particular multiple choice response is selected. You can send notifications to both individuals and groups that are set up as part of your organization in iAuditor.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you set up notifications, make sure the inspection template is shared with the person or people you are notifying so they can see the inspection details. If you have not shared the inspection with them, they will get a notification but will not see the context.


  1. Tick the “Notify” box that appears under multiple-choice questions (including those using global response sets)

  2. Select the response that requires a notification
  3. Begin typing names into the search bar to find users and groups in your organisation
  4. Tick all names of users and groups that need to be notified
  5. Press “Done” when all necessary recipients have been selected

  6. Press “Save and apply”
  7. When a response with a notification is selected during an inspection, the specified people or groups will receive a notification in their iAuditor app, and an email to their connected email address to make them aware of the response


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