This feature is for advanced users only.

Due to the number of options available in the app, the ability to import CSV files is complex.

Whenever working with CSV files to create your templates, we recommend creating a template in iAuditor and exporting it as a CSV file to continue on with.


Header Description
Type Type of the item for this row
Text Text for the item
Options Options for the item
Parent Cell index of the item’s parent
Value This is used for header fields only.

– Audit Title = name

– Client/Site = client

– Document Number = documentno

– Conducted On = date

– Prepared By = preparedby

– Location = location

– Personnel = personnel

 Mandatory  Adding a 1 will turn mandatory to the on position; a 0 will indicates the mandatory feature is turned off

This is how your csv file should be structured in a spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel for Mac pictured)


The type column contains the type of item you want to use. It must exactly match one of the types listed in the table on the following page otherwise it will not be imported. This value is not case-sensitive.


The text column defines the text that should appear in the item, i.e. your question.


The options column will contain any options relating to the item in the row. These include things such as custom question responses, slider values and enabling date and time inputs.

Options are not required but some items will be useless without them. All the options for each item will be outlined in the following pages.


Because iAuditor uses a nested item structure, this column will define what the items parent row is.


The only items that are allowed to have no parent are section items. All other items are required to have a parent.

If you are using a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel, you can use the =ROW(<cell>) function to get the row number of a cell. This is recommended as the parent numbers will have to be modified every time a new item is inserted between two others.

Above is an example with the proper ‘parent’ structure.


Each row in the CSV file contains a type. This specifies the type of the template item. The type must be spelt correctly, but it is not case-sensitive.

The table below outlines what types of items the csv file supports and how it should be spelled in the CSV file.

Type String
Address address
Category category
Checkbox checkbox
Date Time datetime
Drawing drawing
Dynamic Field dynamicfield
Information information
Media media
Multiple Choice list
Question question
Section section
Signature signature
Slider slider
Smart Field smartfield
Switch switch
Text text
Text – Single Line textsingle


Some items may contain additional options. These include enable/disabling features or providing different responses.

Note: If the CSV file does not contain any options for the item, then default values will be used.

For the tables below, semi-colons separate all options unless specified otherwise.

Checkbox / Switch – Options

Option Details
Weighting The weighting value applied to the checkbox or switch. If this is left blank then the default of 1 will be used.
Example: Type Text Options Parent
checkbox This is a checkbox 5 1
This checkbox will have a weight of 5 when checked.

Date Time – Options

Option Details
Left blank, both date and time will be enabled.
1;1 The date and time options are both on.
1;0 Only the date option is enabled.
0;1 Only the time option is enabled.
0;0 Both options are attempted to be disabled. Note this is not valid and will cause both options to be enabled.
Example Type Text Options Parent
datetime Select the date 1;0 1
This date/time field will only allow the date to be selected.

Multiple Choice / Question

Option Details
response The first response. Please see the response options table below to see what needs to be put in this cell.
response The second response
response The nth response
weighting The very last option will be the weighting for the item. If this is not specified then the default weighting of 1 will be used. To omit the scoring, don’t place any number or letter between the colons (i.e. ::)
multi select (Multiple Choice Only) Adding a 1 will turn multi select to the on position; a 0 indicates off


Response Options – separated by colons (:)

Option Details
label The label of the response.
Short Hand The short hand is used when the label is too long to display on the mobile device. This isn’t a required element. Use only if you want to have a short hand value.
score The score of the response. If this is not provided then it is assumed that scoring is disabled for this response.
colour  The color for the response in R,G,B format.

Response Option Example – this is only for single responses

Example Details
Yes:1:255.0,255.0,255.0 This is a Yes response with a score of 1 and a white colour.
No:0:125.0,125.0,125.0 This is a No response with a score of 0 and coloured grey.
N/A::0.0,0.0,0.0 This is an N/A response with scoring disabled and coloured black.
Example Details
If the options are left blank then the slider will use
Min = 0Max = 10Increment = 1Weighting = 1
0;5;0.01;1 The slider will go from 0 to 5, incrementing in 0.01 steps. The weighting is set to 1.
125;5225;5;5 The slider will go from 125 to 5225 incrementing in steps of 5. The weighting is set to 5.
0.001;0.005;0.001;2 The slider will go from 0.001 to 0.005 incrementing in 0.001 steps. The weighting is set to 2.
0;100000;1;0 The slider will go from 0 to 100,000 incrementing in steps of 1. The weighting has been set to 0 so the value of the slider will not be reflected in the score of the audit.

Slider – Options

Option Details
min The minimum value of the slider
max The maximum value of the slider
increment The amount the slider should increment
weighting The weighting of the slider

Examples – combined responses with weighting

Example Details
Yes:1:255.0,255.0,255.0;No:0:125.0,125.0,125.0;1 Yes and No responses with a weighting of 1.

Dynamic Field – Options

Option Details
element The element of the dynamic field.


Example Details
If left blank then the text “Element” will be used for the element.
Employee The text “Employee” will be used for the element. As such, the button for the dynamic field will now show “Add Employee”
Equipment The text “Equipment” will be used for the element.

Smart Field – Options

Option Details
condition The ID of the condition that will be used for the smart field. You can find a list of these in the following pages.
value The first value for the smart field.
value The second value for the smart field.
value The nth value for the smart field.


Example Details
3f206182-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66;0 For a question, if the selected response is at index 0.
7c441470-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66;hello For a text field, if the entered text is equal to “hello”

Smart Field IDs:

Below is the table of smart field ID’s you can use.

Type ID Description
Checkbox 4e671f40-e4ff-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 checkbox is checked
4e671f41-e4ff-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 checkbox is not checked
Multiple Choice 35f6c130-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response selected
35f6c131-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response not selected
35f6c132-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is
35f6c133-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is not
35f6c134-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is in
35f6c135-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is not in
Question 3f206180-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response selected
3f206181-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response not selected
3f206182-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is
3f206183-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is not
3f206184-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is in
3f206185-e4f6-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 response is not in
Signature 831f8ff0-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 signature exists
831f8ff1-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 signature does not exist
831f8ff2-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 signature name is
831f8ff3-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 signature name is not
Slider cda7c330-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value less than
cda7c331-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value less than or equal to
cda7c332-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value equals
cda7c333-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value not equals
cda7c334-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value greater than or equal to
cda7c335-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value greater than
cda7c336-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value between
cda7c337-e500-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 slider value not between
Switch 3d346f00-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 switch is on
3d346f01-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 switch is off
Text 7c441470-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 text is
7c441471-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 text is not
Text – Single Line 6ff300f0-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 text is
6ff300f1-e501-11e1-aff1-0800200c9a66 text is not