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You can use iAuditor’s Global Response sets for managing equipment, locations and employees.

A construction company might have an extensive list of regions, projects, or job sites that need to be standardized across the company.  Equipment, fleet information, and employees can all be listed within the Global Response Sets for easy use in your templates.

 Creating a New Response Set – iAuditor, the Web App

  1.  To create a new Global Response Set, log in to your iAuditor account and click ‘Templates,’ then click ‘Responses.’
  2. From here, you should see your Responses screen:
  3. You can click the ‘Create Response Set’ button to create a new Global Response Set.
  4. Here, you can create new response sets and add responses to them on the right.  The ‘+’ sign will allow you to create additional responses.
  5. In the drop-down above, you can also find the option to upload an existing CSV, or download a sample of the format required by the Global Response system
  6. From here you can download the sample and fill it out with your details.
  7. You can then upload the CSV to your account and use it as a Response Set.  When choosing a Response Set, you will have the ability to choose ‘Global Responses.’

 Setting up Response Sets – iAuditor, the Web App

1. On the left side menu, click on your organization’s name and select “Permissions”

2. Provide yourself, and anyone else that requires it, with the ability to “Manage Response Sets”

Safetyculture managing templates

3. In the left side menu, click on “Templates” and “Responses.” You can now either create a Response Set or upload a Response Set in CSV. Once a Response Set has been added, you can edit and delete responses.

4. In the template editor, using a multiple choice field, you can now select your Response Set.



Permissions for Response Sets are enabled by default for iAuditor organization administrators