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Configuring Question Auto-Expansion

By Ryan Daugherty

Table of Contents

In templates, the default setting for the appearance of the additional notes field is when a negative score is recorded against a question field. This can be configured to display when a positive score, 0 score, or Not Applicable score are selected.


  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap on iAuditor in the list of apps, then scroll down to ‘Auditing.’  From here, tap ‘Question Options.’

3. By default, the Media and Comments field appears underneath your Question item when you choose a response with a score value of zero. You can modify this field to trigger when the score for a field is recorded as any of the following parameters:

  • Greater than 1
  • Equal to 1
  • Zero
  • Not Applicable / Disabled

You can toggle the switches on/off in any combination. To make Question fields always expand, turn all switches to the On position. You may disable auto-expansion altogether by setting all switches to the Off position.


These settings are only available on your device and are not able to be adjusted using the iAuditor web app at this time.


These settings are currently only available on iOS devices.

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