Template name, template description and page name

Name and describe your template, and give each page a name if required, with the new, more intuitive temperate editor:

Title Page

Title page fields are collapsible at the top of the page, so they don’t get in the way of the body of the inspection. As before, by default they include:

  1. Prepared by (name)
  2. Conducted on (date)
  3. Location (location)


Media in the instruction field

Media can be added to the instruction field to give additional context to the person completing the inspection.

Date & Time

You can set “Date & Time” as a response type to a question. You can choose to include date, time, or both, by checking the boxes below the question.  


You can set “Checkbox” as a response type.



You can set “Slider” as a response type.


You can set “Signature” as a response type.

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