Specific features are being replaced or retired. These features caused unnecessary complexity and confusion, detracting more than they added from the template creation experience.

Hide individual instructions

You can choose to hide all, or show all, instructions with report preferences (pictured below), rather than showing or hiding them at an individual level. All instructions will be visible by default. We’re removing the ability to show/hide individual responses to avoid a common problem of accidentally leaving some instructions in or out of final reports.


Switches will be replaced by on/off buttons as the switch response type causes a lot of false positives/false negatives.

Email, phone and person

The ability to format a response as person, email or phone (previously available only on mobile) is going to be retired for simplification. They can still be entered as text answers.

Header items on the title page

“Personnel” and “client/site” header items will be removed as separate fields in the title page, replaced by simple text fields.

“Other Options” on mobile 

These settings were only available on iOS and Android, in an unintuitive location.

  • Select Industry is being removed as it does not add value to reports, is not being used, and has been a point of customer confusion.
  • Mark as Complete will now be mandatory for all inspections, meaning that all inspections will be marked as complete when they are finished. It didn’t make much sense to have this as an option, and did not prove valuable to customers. This does not change the “in progress” status of inspections that are not done.
  • “Manage Export Profiles” will be replaced by Report Preferences in the new template editor. This is a big change that will be a much better experience for users in the long term. Learn how to create report preferences here.
  • “Manage Template Media” is being removed as it is not being used, and has not proved valuable to customers.

Highly specialised features

  • Weather: this feature was only available on Android and is being retired as it has not proven valuable to the majority of customers.
  • Password protection: passwords were created before sharing permissions were enabled. With permissions, there’s no longer a need for passwords!
  • Copy category, duplicate questions & paste from clipboard: we’ve re-engineered the copy and paste functionality to make it easier to use, allowing you to copy multiple items in the template and paste anywhere else.
  • Shorthand in responses: full responses can now be viewed on both the mobile and web inspection experience, so shorthand isn’t necessary anymore