Smart scan is a quick way for you to upload an existing checklist, and convert it into an interactive iAuditor form. Simply take a picture or scan the document and your iAuditor template will be ready in a snap.

  1. From the “Templates” menu in the iAuditor web app select the blue “New template” button in the upper right-hand corner. 
  2. Press “Upload and convert form”. 
  3. Select a Word, Excel or PDF file from your document library, or opt to take a photo of your document. 
  4. The form is automatically uploaded once you open a file.
  5. Questions from the form will automatically appear in the template editor.
  6. Change the response type(s) if you need to switch the types of fields that display (e.g. free-text, question, etc.)

  7. Unable to get the form you need using smart scan? Reach out to our go-digital team today, free of charge.