Your team will be completing and sharing many audits as they work, providing valuable data – but if your audits are all untitled, or all have the same title, then it may be a confusing headache to sort through heaps of similar files when you need specific data!

iAuditor allows audits to be named in specific ways to make sure you always know where the right file can be found, right away.


Audit titles can only be edited on the web platform.

Titling your audits keeps your files from looking like this:

And instead, makes them look like this:


That’s much better!  You can easily tell what each Audit is about at a glance without even needing to open it!  Let’s get started:

Titling Your Audits

  • Audits can be titled using the Audit Title field.  You can find this field in the Title Page via the tab of iAuditor on the web, as shown below:


  • On an iOS or Android device, you can edit the Audit Title by tapping the Details heading in the top center of your screen, as shown below:



The following instructions are applicable to both the web version of iAuditor and the mobile versions of iAuditor.

  • Click or tap the Audit Title field.  This expands the field and allows you to change how the audit title is presented in your template.


  • This is how the audit title field looks by default – however, a user may be much more apt to fill this field in with a description like this:


  • During an audit, the field will look like this:


  • After a user fills it with the appropriate information and completes the audit…


  • …the completed audit will be displayed in your account’s Audits section, and you’ll be able to tell exactly what file it is at a glance.


Great!  Now the files are easily identified in your account.


Please note that changing the audit title field will not change previous audit files; only files created after the change will be effected.

Consistent Audit Titles

Audit titles are a powerful organisational tool – and now you have the capability of further standardizing the titles of your audits while making the process more seamless for your users.  Please see our Consistent Audit Titles article for more information.