We understand in some instances, you may need to bring existing processes in the format of a Word, Excel, or PDF form into iAuditor, especially for customers who wish to go paperless. That’s why we built the “upload and convert form” feature, for this exact use case. As one of the 3 ways to create a new template, the feature can help to interpret a digital form and convert it into an iAuditor template in seconds!

This article shows you how to upload and convert a Word, Excel, or PDF form into an iAuditor template on the web app. If you’re looking to create a new template, you can also download templates from our Public Library or create one from scratch by following our template building guide.

Convert a form into a template

  1. Log in to the iAuditor web app.
  2. Select “Templates” from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click “New Template” on the upper-right corner of the page.
  4. On this page, you have the following options to create a new template:
    + Blank template: Create a new template from scratch. Create a new template from scratch. Check out our template building guide for more information.
    Upload and convert form: Upload an existing document to be converted into an iAuditor template.
    Find a template from the public library: Search from the hundreds of thousands of free templates available on our Public Library, created and shared by the SafetyCulture team and iAuditor users like yourself. Learn how you can download templates from the Public Library and upload templates to share with the iAuditor community!
  5. Click “Upload and convert form”.
  6. This opens a window to your computer file directory.
  7. Navigate through your directory and double click the Word, Excel, or PDF file you wish to convert. Make sure the file is less than 4MB in size and that it’s not password protected.
  8. The conversion process now starts. You can keep track of the progress with the progress bar on the page.

    If you encounter an error that states “This form is too complex”, it usually means the form you uploaded is too complex in formatting for the template editor to interpret. In this scenario, you can upload your form for our customer enablement team to convert the template for you manually!

  9. Once complete, the template editor should load with your form now as an iAuditor template.
  10. Whilst our template editor does its best to interpret the form in the conversation, we understand that the template might sometimes not turn out to be exactly what you are after. We encourage you to take a look at our template building guide in this scenario, so you can edit your template further and give it the finishing touch!
  11. Click “Back to list” on the upper-left corner of the page when you’re ready to move on.

Try uploading with a sample form

If you’re not sure how your forms would be converted, you can check out our sample forms and upload them following the steps above. Click on the forms below to download.

  1. WBP Checklist (Word)
  2. ITP Sewer Drainage (Word)
  3. Excavation Base Checklist (Excel)
  4. New Weekly Rescue Check (Excel)
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