When creating a template, you may have a set of questions already prepared – but adding them to iAuditor manually may seem like a long process.  Fortunately iAuditor features the ability to add questions in bulk with a familiar copy/paste function, just like a word processing program.  Read below to learn how to use this time-saving tool.

What is Bulk Copy/Paste?

Bulk Copy/Paste allows you to create a list of questions in your template instantly, without needing to drag-and-drop one or more Question items.  Note that this feature only currently works with Question fields.

Bulk Copy/Paste Questions

Input large sets of questions and it will automatically populate your template for you. Not only will this save you loads of time, you are able to set Failed Responses and Custom Responses in bulk.


Read more about why Failed Responses are important for your Analytics.

  1. Begin by creating or opening a set of questions in a text-editing program.  Each question should be on its own line, like the picture below:
  2. Highlight the questions, then Copy them.  This is typically Control-C or Command-C on your keyboard, depending on the program used to write the questions.
  3. Once they have been Copied, navigate to your Templates section on the iAuditor web app, then create a new template or edit an existing one.
  4. Click ‘Add Multiple Questions,’ either at the top of the screen or in the empty template.
  5. In the window that appears, click in the text box on the left, then Paste your questions here, typically with Control-V or Command-V.  The questions will automatically be generated on the right side of the screen.  You should also select a Response Set for your questions, and you have the option of using Failed Responses as well.
  6. If everything looks correct, click ‘Add Questions.’
  7. The questions will then appear in your template.  You’re ready to go!
  8. You can also add specific fields to your template via this same tool using some specific tags.

These specific tags include:

Type # to add a Category field (e.g.:) # Truck Inspection
Type [ts] to add a single line of text (e.g.:)  [ts] Enter the conditions and details for the inspected truck.
Type [t] to add a text box (e.g.:) [t] Please type the Make and Model of the truck inspected.

These tags are a great way to set up an audit framework and saves a lot of time!