We categorise all the different types of fields in iAuditor into two different Groups: Basic Fields and Advanced Fields. Allowing you to customize templates that meet your specific needs.

Basic Fields

CategoryA heading type field. Useful for organising groups of related questions or items. Adds to the readability of reports.
QuestionThe basic field. Default answer sets of "Yes/No/NA" and "Safe/At Risk/NA". You can also create custom response sets for Question fields, with up to 5 custom responses per set.
AddressAllows you to either manually input a location address, or use the “locate me” function on your device to find your address. Opens a map view of the area.
CheckboxA checkbox item, it can be either ticked or left unticked.
Date/TimeDate and/or timestamp, or add a specific date and time.
DrawingA blank field with a pen tool, pen width, and colours. You can draw a picture or diagram of an incident or field.

On the iAuditor you can also upload a background image that your auditors can annotate
PhotoImages can be added using this field. Also incorporates image annotation, allowing you to draw directly on to a photo.
InformationAllows you to display information during an audit and on a report. Information fields can show simple text, images or even an interactive URL. This field allows you to choose whether it should appear only during an audit, in the report or both.
Multiple ChoiceSimilar to a Question field, but with an unlimited number of custom responses. You can also enable multiple selection, so more than one answer can be selected at a time.
Barcode ScannerScan a barcode or input one manually.
SignatureA date and time-stamped field that allows digital input of a signature. Use your finger to sign off on your audit, with an electronic record of when the signature was completed. Signatures also provide a space for the auditor to enter his/her name.
SliderNumeric response on a sliding scale from a minimum to a maximum value, with increments to suit. For example, from 0-20, with increments of 2.
SwitchA switch can be used for any questions that have an ON/OFF value.
Text - Single LineAllows a single line of text to be added. Through iAuditor the format can also be set to text, number, email, phone number or people
TextAllows multiple lines of text to be added

Advanced Fields

  • Dynamic Field
    Allows you to ask the same set of questions multiple times. See Dynamic Fields.
  • Smart Field
    Use conditional (if-then) logic to display or hide certain questions based on an earlier response. See Smart Fields.

You can add as many inspection fields as required to your Template. The use of Sections is strongly advised for large inspections, and also makes inspection reports more organised.

iAuditor, the web application and the iAuditor app use a drag-and-drop interface.