With Notifications, iAuditor users have the ability to notify the appropriate users or groups in real-time whenever a particular response is selected during an audit. Notifications can be sent via email, push notification or SMS, enabling faster communication between teams.

What does this mean for your team?  It means that specific notifications will be sent to your intended recipients via your preferred method when you need them most; right away!

Instead of your auditor opening their email client, keying in their information, tapping in the addresses of the recipients and hitting ‘Send,’ your Notification will activate whenever they answer a field in your template.  Invisible and instantaneous!  Sounds good, right?  Let’s dive in:

iAuditor, the Web Platform

1. Sign into your iAuditor account and click on your account name in the side menu

2. Go to notifications

3. Go to the SMS tab

4. Go to My Profile to set-up and add your mobile number

5. Go through the verification process

7. Go back to notifications
8. Check the tick to enable to select the options of when you want to receive a notification

Watch the tutorial video below for a step-by-step guide:


1. Go to your menu (hamburger menu) and go to Settings

2. Go to notifications

3. Click SMS

4. Enable the notifications you need

 iPhone and iPad

  1. Go to your menu
  2. Go to settings and scroll to notifications

3. Enable the notifications you need