Sharing is the way  you give your teammates access to inspections and their results in iAuditor. It is a powerful tool that controls which inspections you see on your account, and allows you to control the sharing of both the template and the inspection results.

Sharing from mobile

  1. Start from the “Inspections > Templates” tab.
  2. Tap the “…” in the upper right corner and select sharing.
  3. An overview of the template owner and any existing sharing will display.
  4. Tap “Share With” in the upper right.
  5. Fill in the corresponding fields for “Step 1, 2 and 3”.
  6. In Step: 1 select who you want to share the template with.
  7. A list of existing groups/users will display, select the group(s) and user(s) that you need to see the template.
  8. Press back, and continue on to Step: 2.
  9. In Step: 2 decide on their sharing permission (access level).
  10. Press back, and proceed on to Step: 3.
  11. In Step: 3 select the group(s)/user(s) who need to review the data from those using the template.
  12. Press back, and proceed on to Step: 4.
  13. In Step:4 decide on their access level to the inspection data using permissions.

Sharing Permissions (Access Level)


If a user deletes a template in iAuditor it will be deleted for all users.


This is the basic permission level and allows the recipient to view and conduct audits from a template. For audits, it provides access to view it (read-only) and export.

View and Edit:

This is mid-level permission. This permission level allows recipients to make modifications to a template/audit but not delete them. It still allows new audits to be started from a template.

View, Edit, and Delete:

This is the highest sharing permission with complete access. New audits can be started from a template and both templates and audits can be modified and deleted.

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