Groups simplify and streamline the way that you manage the individual users within your organization. By creating groups and adding your users to their respective group, you can then share templates and audits and assign permissions at a group level and know that every person included in the group will receive the same permissions and templates.

Users can be members of multiple groups and can also be removed from groups if required. Their permissions and templates will be updated accordingly.

Example Groups

There are many ways to divide your team into groups. Here are some examples:

Group name: All audits for Analytics

Description: Set up your templates so that audits will automatically share to this group. Then you will be able to add users to this group as and when they need access to the audits e.g. for analytics.

Group name: Team A

Description: Add users from one of your teams to this group. You can then set permissions and share templates and audits with this group. All users within the group will have the same permissions and see the same templates and audits, saving you from configuring these settings for each individual team member. When a new employee joins the team you can quickly set them up with everything they need in iAuditor by adding them to this group.

Group name: Templates View Only

Description: Share templates with this group with “View” only access. Then add users to this group if you want them to be able to use the templates for audits and inspections only, but not be able to edit or delete these templates.

Group name: Templates View, Edit and Delete

Description: Share templates with this group with “View, Edit and Delete” access. Then add users to this group if you want them to be able to use, edit and delete the organization’s templates.


You can only create a Group if you have the relevant permissions. Please see Permissions for more information.

Create a Group:

  1. Go to your organization tab on the left side bar and click the “Groups” tab.
  2. Any existing groups will appear on the list. Click “+ Create New Group” on the top right to create a new group.
  3. Give your group a name, and a brief description.
  4. You can add users to the group by typing their name or email address into the “Members” field. Existing users that are a part of your Organization will appear in a list under the field once you begin typing. Select the matching user and then click “Add to Group.”
  5. After inviting all of the users, click on “Save.”

In the Groups listing there is a “Delete Group” button. Only click this button if you want to delete the group, and only after you have removed all members from the group.


There is also a location field within each group that you can fill in so that you can easily identify the group.