There are many reasons to need to downgrade to a free account – perhaps you need to delete your Organisation, or your free trial is coming to an end.  You may even be nearing the end of your billing period, and would like to downgrade to a free account moving forward.

Downgrading to a Free account will allow you to retain the files in your account and cancel your billing.

Downgrade To a Free Account

  • Clicking on your “Organisation” via the left-hand expandable menu.
  • Navigate to the “Subscription” tab.
  • Select “Downgrade” to downgrade the subscription to the free tier (This will delete the organisation.)


After deleting the organisation, the next time you access your account via the Web Platform you will be prompted to either activate a Paid Plan or downgrade to the limited-feature free account.  Note that downgrading to Free will significantly limit your team’s sharing, syncing and access to previously shared documents.

Some of these limitations apply after you downgrade to a Free account:

  • You won’t be able to share audits and templates with your team (all teammates in your ‘organisation’ revert to standalone free accounts with no sharing access)
  • Monthly audit/template sync limit will be set to 10MB
  • You will keep access to any templates or audits created or done by you. Your team will also keep access to any of their own templates and audits.
  • You may lose access to templates or audits shared to you (or your iAuditor organisation) from your team
  • Your team may lose access to audits or templates that were previously shared with them

To continue with the best experience for your team, activate a paid plan (Compare Plans).