We know that workplaces are fluid, and structures change within teams.  From time-to-time, you may need to remove or leave an organization. Are you looking to simply add or remove a team member, see information on adding and removing users.


In order to leave an organization, you must contact the administrator and ask to be removed.

Deleting a company organization

  1. Login to the iAuditor web app
  2. Select your organization’s name on the lower left menu
  3. Click “Subscriptions” under your organization tab on the left side bar
  4. Click “Delete” on the right hand side under the heading “Your Subscription”
  5. In order to completely delete the organization click the button “Cancel and Delete”

    Other options will freeze your plan to be enabled for later use but you will not be able to join another organization.

  6. Once you select “Cancel and Delete”, please read all prompts for information about what occurs when we delete your organization.
  7. We’re sorry to see you leave, and would love to hear any feedback you have for us