Store Actions in Excel via MS Flow Pre-populate and start an Audit when a new Sharepoint Item is created MS Flow – Export your Item & Response Data to an Excel 365 Table How to find an Item ID from your Audit/Templates Store Actions in SQL Server via MS Flow Populate SQL Server with Audit Data via MS Flow Export iAuditor Actions to Excel Automatically with Zapier Hosting region configuration via MDM How to Configure the Single Sign On Domain via MDM ADFS SAMLP Setup for Single Sign On ADFS WS-Federation Setup for Single Sign On iAuditor Single Sign-On Overview ADFS setup for Single Sign On How To Use Microsoft Flow Email audit reports via Outlook with MS Flow Upload audit reports to SharePoint with MS Flow Automatically export audits with MS Flow Getting Started with the iAuditor API Pull SafetyCulture Audit Data into Tableau Introduction to the SafetyCulture WDC Import Audit data into Microsoft Power BI Visualise SafetyCulture Audit Data with Microsoft Power BI Google Calendar Audit Scheduling Workflow with Zapier Automatic Exporting of Audit Data iAuditor Google Sheets Add-on Email Audit Report with Zapier if there are any Failed Responses How to Generate an API Token Exporting Audits automatically with Zapier SafetyCulture CSV Exporter Tool Exporting audit data to an online spreadsheet using Zapier Automatically Email Exported Spreadsheet Data using Zapier Export Completed Audits to Google Sheets using Zapier Send Email if Audit Score Below Threshold with Zapier Starting and sharing audits automatically Zapier Integration with iAuditor Integrating with Salesforce via Zapier Using Zapier to Send Web Reports and Audit Links Zapier Actions and Triggers for Failed Responses