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Archive: Templates

How to reassign document ownership

  • Team Management

Whenever a template or inspection is created in iAuditor, the user who created it becomes the owner of that document. By default, the document owner has full permission over a template or inspection. We understand that organization structures can constantly shift and that from time to time, the ownership of documents may also need to...

How to manually sync the iAuditor mobile app

  • System/Technical Support

Syncing is an essential part of the iAuditor mobile app, allowing you to synchronize the data you capture and save on your mobile device to other platforms. This ensures that the information you access on your account is always up to date, no matter where you log in from. Whilst the iAuditor mobile app syncs...

How to set multiple-choice failed responses

  • Templates

In order to raise your standards, whether it’s safety or quality, it’s important to identify areas of interest in your inspection workflows and mark them for tracking. With iAuditor, you can set specific multiple-choice responses as “failed responses” so that they are flagged on each inspection report when selected and compiled to be viewed in...

How to add and remove Logic fields

  • Templates

In some scenarios, the templates you build may cover different topics that require different questions to be asked. Rather than listing all the questions on a page and leaving most unanswered for not being relevant, you can add Logic fields to your templates so that certain questions are asked only if the condition of an...

How to share templates and auto-share inspections

  • Team Management

Having access to the information you need is an important factor in achieving success for an organization. That’s why we’ve developed a simple way to assign templates and inspections to the relevant users/groups in your organization. In iAuditor, there are two steps to the sharing process. Step one, sharing the template to users or groups,...

How to create and manage Global Response Sets

  • Templates

In some scenarios, you may have a list of assets, projects, or locations that you want to reuse across multiple templates. Whilst you can create custom response sets with the same responses across templates, it can become difficult to manage when changes have to be made in the future. Instead, you can create and use...

How to make questions mandatory

  • Templates

We understand that in some instances you may have questions that must be answered before an inspection can be marked as complete. To make sure your users answer these questions consistently, we have made it possible to make questions mandatory in your templates. This means that when an inspector tries to complete an inspection, without...