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How to create and disable Repeat sections

  • Templates

We understand that in some scenarios, your team may need to inspect the same type of item multiple times in a day, answering the same set of questions. Rather than starting a new inspection for each item, you can create Repeat sections in your templates to allow your users to repeat the same set of...

How to export and import iAuditor templates

  • Templates

From time to time, you might need to share your templates with team members that are using iAuditor, but in another iAuditor organization. One way you can share your templates in this scenario is to upload your template to the Public Library for your team members to download. However, if you don’t want users outside...

How to add and replace inspection report logos

  • Reports

Logos are an important piece for achieving success at businesses and organizations. They are the symbol that team members, customers, or stakeholders use to recognize your brand and to connect memories with the services you provide. In iAuditor, you can set up your inspection reports with logos, so that professional reports can be generated and...

How to set question responses to notify users

  • Templates

In some scenarios, it can be important to let someone know about the answers provided to certain questions in inspections, especially if the answers affect the business or are critical for certain stakeholders. With iAuditor, you can set multiple-choice questions' responses to notify users or groups of users in your organization automatically when selected during an...