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Archive: iOS

How to download and log in to the iAuditor mobile app

  • System/Technical Support

The iAuditor mobile app is a powerful inspection software that allows you to build custom templates, conduct paperless inspections, send inspection reports, and more. If you have an iAuditor account already or have been provided one by your organization, you can download the iAuditor mobile app now to start raising your game! This article shows...

How to sign up for iAuditor

  • Account Management

iAuditor is a mobile and web application that can be used to provide visibility and insights into raising safety and quality standards across an organization. You have the ability to form an organization in iAuditor to collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas, and get problems resolved with this easy-to-use checklist software....

Export inspection reports using a web link

  • Uncategorized

With Web Reports, you can create a live link to your completed report and share it with others. Those receiving the link will be able to view and interact with the report in a web browser of their choice (mobile or desktop). Anybody that has the unique report link is able to access the report....

How to manually sync the iAuditor mobile app

  • System/Technical Support

Syncing is an essential part of the iAuditor mobile app, allowing you to synchronize the data you capture and save on your mobile device to other platforms. This ensures that the information you access on your account is always up to date, no matter where you log in from. Whilst the iAuditor mobile app syncs...

How to share templates and auto-share inspections

  • Team Management

Having access to the information you need is an important factor in achieving success for an organization. That’s why we’ve developed a simple way to assign templates and inspections to the relevant users/groups in your organization. In iAuditor, there are two steps to the sharing process. Step one, sharing the template to users or groups,...

How to upload and remove templates from the Public Library

  • Templates

The Public Library is a place where iAuditor users from different industries can share the templates they’ve created with each other. To empower other customers on finding inspiration for their templates and raising their games, we encourage you to share the templates you’ve created with the iAuditor community by uploading them to the Public Library!...

How to make questions mandatory

  • Templates

We understand that in some instances you may have questions that must be answered before an inspection can be marked as complete. To make sure your users answer these questions consistently, we have made it possible to make questions mandatory in your templates. This means that when an inspector tries to complete an inspection, without...

How to report issues and send diagnostics

  • System/Technical Support

From time to time, you may run into issues when using the iAuditor mobile app, prompting you to contact our customer support team for assistance. Whilst you can always initiate live chats, emails, or phone calls to reach our team, you can also report your issues directly from the mobile app and provide diagnostics that...