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Archive: integration

How to interact with actions via the iAuditor API (beta)

  • Integrations

The iAuditor API gives you direct access to your data in the iAuditor platform. Using the API, you can interact with your organization’s actions data in a range of ways. Including the ability to search and retrieve, as well as create and update actions. This article shows you how to interact with actions in your...

Power Automate: Expressions with iAuditor inspection data

  • Integrations

Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) offers a rich set of actions that you can use to automate your workflows with iAuditor, such as uploading inspection reports. However, you can take your integrations game to the next level by exporting data within inspections, specifically question responses, using Power Automate’s Workflow Definition Language, called expressions. This article...

How to retrieve unique identifiers for integrations

  • Integrations

From time to time, you may need to retrieve the unique identifier of specific documents or profiles to integrate with iAuditor. Whilst you can always refer to our API documentation on how to retrieve unique identifiers via API requests, we understand that not everyone who’s tasked with building integrations is comfortable with such methods. This...

Tableau: Pull iAuditor data via the web data connector

  • Integrations

As one of the industry-leading platforms for business intelligence, Tableau has transformed the way organizations use data to solve problems and empowered people to make the most of their data. Using the web data connector, you can pull the iAuditor data captured by your frontline teams and analyze it with Tableau’s diverse set of visualization tools....