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Archive: Inspections

Inspection CSV export column header guide

  • Reports

The CSV export option allows users to export up to 10,000 inspections in bulk, from either single or multiple templates. This can be very useful if you want to perform a "data dump" of your organization's inspection data, or simply wish to assess results in bulk. As you would be working with raw data when...

How to archive and delete inspections

  • Inspections

Looking to delete old inspections or simply file away from the active inspections list? If you have inspections that you no longer need to use, you can either archive them so they are removed from your inspections list, or delete them completely. This article shows you how to archive inspections, restore archived inspections, and delete...

How to view inspection histories

  • Inspections

Inspections are a great way to capture issues and ensure compliance in your workplace. However, from time to time, specific inspections may need to be reviewed for auditing purposes and it’s important to be able to see when an inspection took place and how each question was answered in the inspection. In iAuditor, inspection edits...

How to reassign document ownership

  • Team Management

Whenever a template or inspection is created in iAuditor, the user who created it becomes the owner of that document. By default, the document owner has full permission over a template or inspection. We understand that organization structures can constantly shift and that from time to time, the ownership of documents may also need to...