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Archive: inspection

Inspection CSV export column header guide

  • Reports

The CSV export option allows users to export up to 10,000 inspections in bulk, from either single or multiple templates. This can be very useful if you want to perform a "data dump" of your organization's inspection data, or simply wish to assess results in bulk. As you would be working with raw data when...

How to customize inspection title formats

  • Templates

Over time as you and your team conduct more and more inspections, it can become difficult to differentiate between them when they've been conducted from the same template. That’s why with iAuditor, you can create naming conventions for your inspections so that the title of an inspection populates automatically with responses from the Title Page....

How to archive and delete inspections

  • Inspections

Looking to delete old inspections or simply file away from the active inspections list? If you have inspections that you no longer need to use, you can either archive them so they are removed from your inspections list, or delete them completely. This article shows you how to archive inspections, restore archived inspections, and delete...

How to create and update inspection schedules

  • Inspections

As organizations expand their operations or increase their workloads, it becomes essential to use more effective means to manage and utilize time and resources. That’s why with iAuditor, you can create schedules to automate reminders of recurring tasks and ensure team members start and complete their tasks within defined timeframes. This article shows you how...

Power BI Desktop: Import inspection data

  • Integrations

At times, interacting with inspection data using iAuditor Analytics might not be enough for your reporting. For such cases, business intelligence tools such as Power BI can enhance the experience greatly through the creation of rich, interactive reports with visual analytics. This article shows you how to export your iAuditor inspection data and import it...

Zapier: Email inspection reports that contain failed items

  • Integrations

In order to raise your standards, whether it’s safety or quality, it’s important to identify areas of interest in your inspection workflows and mark them for tracking. With iAuditor, you can set specific multiple-choice responses as “failed responses” so that they are flagged on each inspection report when selected. Using integration tools such as Zapier,...

Zapier: Upload inspection reports to Dropbox

  • Integrations

Running a business can be unpredictable, but a good record-keeping system can make things easier. While most organizations may utilize cloud storage systems to save their inspection reports, it can be taxing to rely on teams to send in reports manually. Using integration tools such as Zapier, you can automatically export your iAuditor inspection reports...

Zapier: Export inspection data to Google Sheets spreadsheets

  • Integrations

As one of the most used spreadsheets applications, Google Sheets offers a wide range of functionalities to help people analyze and visualize data. Using integration tools such as Zapier, you can automatically export your iAuditor inspection data to populate a Google Sheets spreadsheet, so your team can access the latest information captured by your frontline...

How to start new and edit existing inspections

  • Inspections

Just as templates are the foundation of iAuditor, inspections are the processes you and your team go through to capture data and populate reports. In your context, this could be filling in a form, performing an audit, or going through a checklist to make sure you’ve covered all topics in a daily safety talk. No...