Firewall and Filtering Configuration

A number of URLs used by iAuditor on different platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Windows) need to be accessible via your company’s firewall. Download PDF

Proxy or VPN Configuration

If your network requires a proxy or VPN configuration, you will need to establish the details for this from your IT department and configure this on the necessary devices.

The iAuditor app will use the device’s proxy or VPN settings to make the necessary connections to our servers.

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) this can be configured within the Settings app on your device’s home page.

The iAuditor app will also accept proxy and VPN settings configured on these devices via a configuration profile.

On Android devices, configuration instructions differ between devices. Check your device’s manual or online instructions to configure a proxy or VPN on these devices.

Internet Filtering

If your workplace network employs an application filtering system (eg. Netbox Blue) and issues custom SSL certificates for internal connections, there may be a requirement to also allow the iOS device to accept certificates signed by your company.

If this is the case, accessing the iAuditor Login Page will cause your iOS device to prompt you to accept the custom certificate. Once complete, iAuditor will also accept certificates from this company’s SSL certificates.

When uploading a template to the Public Library, you may get a pop-up box saying “Error”. This will usually appear if the above hosts are blocked by the network that you are connected to.