Sync conflicts occur when you attempt to edit a template/inspection at the same time on more than one device. In this scenario, both the iAuditor website and iAuditor mobile app are not able to determine which version of the template/inspection is the correct one.

When a sync conflict occurs, the iAuditor mobile app displays a yellow banner at the top of the screen alerting you to the conflict.

Resolve a Sync Conflict

Please tap on the “Resolve” button in the yellow banner to resolve the sync conflict. Each template/inspection with a sync conflict asks you to decide how you would like to resolve it. Please choose the appropriate option.

The options for resolving sync conflicts are:

  1. Keep Local: Keep the version of the template/inspection on the iAuditor mobile app and overwrite the one on the iAuditor website.
  2. Keep Their Version: Download the version of the template/inspection from the iAuditor website and overwrite the iAuditor mobile app version.
  3. Keep Both: Keep both versions of the template/inspection (both the iAuditor website and mobile app versions) and rename the iAuditor mobile app version of the template/inspection as a copy.

It is recommended to keep both versions if you are unsure which version is the correct to keep. Choosing local or theirs will permanently delete the other version so keep this in mind when making your decision.

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