Keeping people safe is at the heart of SafetyCulture’s purpose, so we want to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Our cybersecurity program employs many controls at a technical and operational level to ensure that we have an effective, defense-in-depth approach to protect the information handled by iAuditor every day. If you’d like to learn more about SafetyCulture’s commitment to security, please check out our Security page.

This page provides an overview of the best practices for ensuring your IT configuration is optimized to work well with the tool.

Firewall and Filtering Configuration

There are a number of URLs used by iAuditor and related services on our web, iOS, and Android platforms. You may need to whitelist these URLs via your company's firewall to utilize the iAuditor experience fully.

Please download our Application URL Whitelist documentation for the full details.

Proxy or VPN Configuration

If your network requires a proxy or VPN configuration, you will need to confirm the details of this with your IT department and configure it with VPN proxy-access necessary devices.

The iAuditor app uses the device's proxy or VPN settings to make the required connections to our servers.

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you can configure this in the Settings menu on your device. The iAuditor app also accepts proxy and VPN settings set on these devices via a configuration profile.

On Android devices, configuration instructions differ between devices. Check your device's manual or online instructions to configure the proxy or VPN on these devices.

Internet Filtering

If your workplace network employs an application filtering system (e.g., Netbox Blue) and issues custom SSL certificates for internal connections, there may be a requirement to allow iOS devices to accept certificates signed by your company. If this is the case, accessing the iAuditor login page on an iOS device will prompt the user to accept the custom certificate. Once complete, iAuditor will start accepting certificates from your company’s SSL certificates.

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