We understand that for some industries, measuring the temperature of assets is a critical part of daily processes. That’s why at iAuditor, we created a response type that allows you to capture numerical values in the format of temperatures. Paired with the right Bluetooth thermometer, you can accurately capture temperature readings to minimize errors and ensure assets are within acceptable conditions.

This article shows you how to capture temperature readings with supported Bluetooth thermometers on the iAuditor mobile app. Looking to automate temperature readings and more? Check out our sensor solutions on real-time monitoring.

Before you begin

Please note that capturing temperature readings with Bluetooth thermometers is only supported on the iAuditor mobile app for organizations on our Premium subscription. Learn how to upgrade your free account and unlock the full iAuditor experience, starting with a 30-day trial.

In order to capture temperature readings, you must have temperature response questions added to templates beforehand. Learn how to add temperature response questions to your templates.

We currently support the two following Bluetooth thermometers.

If you have another type of Bluetooth thermometer that you would like to use with iAuditor, please let us know by providing your feedback.

Capture a temperature reading

  1. Turn ON your Bluetooth thermometer and make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your mobile device.
  2. Open the iAuditor mobile app.
  3. Start a new or edit an existing inspection.
  4. Capture the temperature reading on your Bluetooth thermometer.
  5. Go to the temperature response question and tap “Connect” next to the question response field.
  6. This should connect your mobile device to the Bluetooth thermometer and input the temperature reading.
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