Sensor Management FAQ

How do I set up alerts for my sensors?

  • See the step-by-step guide for setting up alerts. If you have any trouble, please feel free to reach out to our iAuditor support team. 

How many messages do I receive if an alert is triggered?

  • You can receive up to three messages spaced 1 hour apart are sent for any given alert. 

Is there a limit on the number of mobile numbers or emails that can create notifications from a sensor alert?

  • Yes, you can associate up to 5 mobile numbers and an additional 20 email addresses per sensor.

Can I delete a sensor?

  • This feature is coming soon to the web application. If you need to delete a sensor, reach out to our iAuditor support team.

How do I enable a member of my team access to our sensors page?

  • Teams live with sensors: Your account administrator can turn on the Sensors view or update permissions to groups/users within your organization. Alternatively, please contact your account manager or our support team.
  • Teams looking to add sensors: Reach out to us via our Sensors page. Alternatively, if you’re already in touch with someone from our team, please contact your account manager or our support team.

Who has permission to edit sensor alerts?

  • Anyone with the “Sensor Management” permission can edit alerts. If you have the “Sensor Access” permission only, this means you can view but not edit alert settings.

How can I filter the sites on my dashboard?

  • We recommend assigning sites a naming convention (e.g., common letters/numbers) so that all sites can be filtered and grouped easily through the search.

Can I rearrange and customize the sensor tiles on my dashboard?

  • This feature is part of our long-term roadmap. However, it is currently unavailable. All sensors display in alphabetical order, so if you would like to show a specific sensor near the top, consider using a naming convention or symbol.

Can I export my sensor data from the web application?

  • Yes, you can export your sensor data easily to a CSV format. Follow the steps below:
    • Click on the sensors tile which you’d like to export information
    • The detailed trend graph will display
    • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen click the three dots next to the dropdown for display interval (shown below). Select the “Download CSV” option

Sensors Hardware

What do I do if I cannot get my sensor to connect to the gateway?

  • First, attempt to move the sensor or gateway closer to one another. If the issue does not resolve, double-check that each step in the setup instructions is complete (e.g., antennas screwed in, switches on). If you’re still experiencing connection issues, our iAuditor support team is here to help.

Do I need Wifi for my sensor to work?

  • No, the sensors transmit data to the web application and cloud via the gateway, which uses a 3G connection. Mobile data is included with the gateways (no extra purchase required) and managed by SafetyCulture.

Where is the best place to install my sensor?

  • Place the sensor directly in the area you want to monitor.
  • The sensor should be within about 50 meters or 150 feet of its gateway. Keep in mind that this is a general approximation and distances may vary based on building structure, environment, and other obstacles.
  • For refrigerators and freezers, we recommend avoiding direct airflow from the refrigeration unit and a location away from the door to prevent excessive temperature fluctuations.

Can I move my sensor or gateway after installation?

  • Yes, you can move your sensor or gateway.  However, we recommend you install your sensors in their final place during the setup process.
  • You need to re-confirm that your sensors are still within range of the gateway.
  • If you relocate the gateway check that it has a strong signal in its new location.


Why does the sensor kit contain tape and cable ties?

  • The tape and cable ties are provided to secure the sensor in its final location. The installation does not require them.

Why is my sensor disconnected?

  • This can occur for a few reasons. We suggest checking the gateway is plugged in, and all the lights are green, and the sensor is switched on. The sensor also needs to be placed in a location that is in the range of the gateway. See “How can I tell that my sensor is out of range” or contact our iAuditor support team.

How will I know if the battery on my sensors gets low?

  • A warning icon (see screenshot) will appear on the dashboard in the web application when a sensor’s battery is low. In the future, we will also provide SMS alerts for this event.

How often do my sensors read?

  • The sensors take reading and transmit data every 10 minutes.

Is there a delay in the readings?

  • Readings typically immediately, however, at times you may experience delays of up to 1 – 2 minutes.

How can I tell that my sensor is out of range from the gateway?

  • In the future, we will include signal strength as part of the device metrics in the app. If you’re concerned that your sensor may be out of range, please contact our iAuditor support team for assistance.


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