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Introducing the new Access builder, formerly sharing

Sharing is now Access! Easily review Access & add and update new teams as things shift, and ensure the right groups and individuals see the right content.

Apply Updated Access Settings to Past Inspections

Now it’s easier to get your new team members up to speed with iAuditor with the ability to apply updated Access settings to past inspections. This means you’ll be able to make sure that all inspection results from any given time can be reviewed, no matter when the individual was added to the account.

Dynamic access rules: improved inspection & data sharing

As you set up your sites and associated team members, you can use this information to set up dynamic access rules everywhere across the iAuditor platform to restrict access.

Site list hierarchy and site members

Soon sites may become expandable hierarchy instead of a flat list, making it easier than ever to manage your sites, and group them in a way that matches how your organization is structured. You will be able to associate your team members with the sites they work at so that iAuditor can: (1) automatically suggest the right sites for the right people, and (2) use of this association (of individuals to sites) when setting up rules for notifications, sharing, and scheduling.

Administer users with user profiles

We understand the importance of proactively managing your team by ensuring they have access to the right information. To make this process easier, we have implemented exciting changes to the user administration. With the latest updates, you can control what your team can view and access. Major updates at a glance include: - User profiles, with password reset capabilities - Device management and reset - User template access - Group membership by user

Active Directory integration

Add, remove, and update staff information in your own system, and auto-sync to iAuditor.

2019 Global Product Highlights

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2020 Sept. Global Product Highlights

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