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Automatic notifications of an upcoming or missed inspection

Get notified immediately when a scheduled inspection is missed.

Reschedule inspections

We understand that plans change, so your schedules need to remain flexible. That's why we're looking to build the capability for you to reschedule inspections without affecting your regular cadence.

Improved scheduling experience

We've made a few changes to your scheduling experience based on the feedback you've given us.

Scheduling data for your BI tool integrations

Customers using integrations with the PowerBI and Tableau connectors will automatically be able to export Scheduling data into these tools for further visualization and analysis.  

Bulk upload & integrate inspection schedules

To help you build schedules more efficiently and flexibly, we're considering two main improvements to the schedule creation experience - bulk schedule uploads and API integrations.

Schedule your inspections in iAuditor

Conducting inspections is often one of the first things rushed through or forgotten when things get busy.  With our latest update, you can have the confidence that inspections will be completed on time, and your team will be accountable.

2020 Sept. Global Product Highlights

In this edition of the product roadmap, we cover the new capabilities that we promised in the last quarter. From capturing issues and observations to ensuring your teams are set up to share their knowledge, to making the most of the data you collect that drives real change. 

Submit and manage overdue scheduled inspections

This new feature will provide more flexibility to you and your team - so that if things change, people forget or get busy doing other things, you can still submit the inspection a bit later than planned or submit a reason as to why it can't be done.

Integrations with Outlook, Google Calendar, and more

Wouldn't you agree that life is easier when all your reminders are in one place? We're considering building integrations with your favorite calendar tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, and more.