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Scheduling data for your BI tool integrations

Customers using integrations with the PowerBI and Tableau connectors will automatically be able to export Scheduling data into these tools for further visualization and analysis.  

Visualize inspection data with Microsoft Power BI

Create rich, flexible data visualizations with iAuditor's integration with Microsoft PowerBI.

New API Capability: Manage Response Sets Automatically

Using the API, you can now automatically create, retrieve, delete and update response sets to reflect changes in the reference data they represent in your environment.

Integrations & API Updates

Matching data up in multiple systems is time-consuming, particularly when you are trying to minimize the amount of incorrect information. This update post will help you understand the "lay of the land" in the world of iAuditor integrations.

Active Directory integration

Add, remove, and update staff information in your own system, and auto-sync to iAuditor.

Integrate with Office 365

Do you currently use Office 365? You can automate tasks with Office 365’s tool called Microsoft Flow.

Get Real-Time Updates with Webhooks

Up until recently, the only way for you to know if changes are made to inspection data is to poll the iAuditor API continuously. iAuditor webhooks work by having the customer register a URL to receive notifications of audit data changes as they happen.

2020 Sept. Global Product Highlights

In this edition of the product roadmap, we cover the new capabilities that we promised in the last quarter. From capturing issues and observations to ensuring your teams are set up to share their knowledge, to making the most of the data you collect that drives real change.