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Attach a PDF as evidence in Inspections

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words. Sometimes, you have to actually attach the words. We’re looking into how you can attach a PDF file to a question as evidence, instead of just a photo.

Add notes and image attachments to any question

At the moment, only multiple choice questions give you the option to add notes, actions, or images. We’re looking into extending that capability so that any question, regardless of what response type has been set, lets you add a note, photo, or action if you choose to.

2019 Global Product Highlights

Vote for your #1 favorite. Global iAuditor Product Highlights covers all things iAuditor and product. Learn what we’ve recently launched, are currently launching and what’s coming by the end of 2019.

Introducing the new web inspection experience

The inspections platform in the web app needed an upgrade - so we gave it one. It works the same way as it did before, and looks just a touch fancier. Add a site to your inspection, add notes, photos and actions to a question, select a default answer for slider fields, and signature fields are now marked complete with just the signature. Check it out now!

New look for the Dashboard

We’re changing the iAuditor web Dashboard so that you get the information that you need straight away. Coming soon, you'll be able to get a nice understanding of "What do I need to do today" from the streamlined look and feel of the Dashboard page. 

Set up automated workflows with your Inspections templates

Sometimes the best level of guidance we can offer sometimes is prompting our teams at the moment. As part of our new Inspections experience, you’ll be able to prompt for additional details using the logic option in your inspection either require (1) mandatory evidence capture through notes and media, or (2) mandatory corrective action capture.

Reschedule inspections

We understand that plans change, so your schedules need to remain flexible. That's why we're looking to build the capability for you to reschedule inspections without affecting your regular cadence.

Automatic notifications of an upcoming or missed inspection

Get notified immediately when a scheduled inspection is upcoming or missed.

2020 Global Product Highlights

In this edition of the product roadmap, we cover the new capabilities that we promised in the last quarter. From capturing issues and observations to ensuring your teams are set up to share their knowledge, to making the most of the data you collect that drives real change. 

Apply Updated Access Settings to Past Inspections

Now it’s easier to get your new team members up to speed with iAuditor with the ability to apply updated Access settings to past inspections. This means you’ll be able to make sure that all inspection results from any given time can be reviewed, no matter when the individual was added to the account.

Automatically connect inspections with your construction projects in Procore

Power up your audit and inspection storage, performance review, and contractor management by connecting iAuditor with Procore.

Use our Scheduling API to reflect change in your inspections schedules at scale

Reflect changes in company-wide inspection schedules across at scale with an integration tool or custom solution.

Our new Inspections experience makes it easier to capture information in greater detail without added complexity

Enabling frontline workers to complete more thorough Inspections than ever before.