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What you can do with iAuditor and Zapier – Connect apps and automate tasks

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Zapier allows tasks in a workflow to be automated.  Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect their web services together, saving time and improving productivity.

Have you ever wanted to be alerted about a non-compliant audit instantly, or have your completed audits populate into a spreadsheet? If your team uses Google Calendar, why not create calendar alerts when your next audit is due?

Now you can, with an integration with Zapier using our newly released API.  We will guide you through it.  We’ve even set up some zaps that can get you started straight away.

Some examples of existing integration with Zapier:

  • Create a Google Calendar event from a new SafetyCulture audit
  • Create Google Calendar event from new SafetyCulture audit using a selected template
  • Get email notifications for new SafetyCulture audits
  • Get email notifications for new SafetyCulture audits for a selected template
  • Create a new Evernote note from SafetyCulture audits
  • Send SMS alerts for new SafetyCulture audits
  • Send SMS alerts for new SafetyCulture audits (for a chosen template)

These are just a small number of things that can be accomplished with Zapier.  Zapier integrates with over 500 web technologies and apps – think of it as a ‘hand shake’ between iAuditor another system.

Note: For free Zapier accounts, you can have up to 5 active zaps at one time. With a maximum of 100 tasks a month.


Below are some step-by-step instructions:


Step 1: Create a Zapier account by going to and select SafetyCulture as the trigger app

They have a Free plan with up to 100 tasks per month. For more, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan through Zapier.

pasted image 0


Step 2: Select from the popular zaps we have already created or click ‘Make a Zap’ to create your own

zapeir screenshot of popular zaps


Step 3: Choose between a specific audit completion or any audit completed

pasted image 0-1


Step 4: Add your SafetyCulture account by clicking ‘Connect a New Account’

pasted image 0-2


Step 5: Go to SafetyCulture ‘My Profile’ to generate the SafetyCulture API Access Token

Login to your SafetyCulture account and under the account tab go to “My Profile” and scroll down to the API section as seen below. You will only see the API section if you have a Premium account.

api token


Step 6: Insert your API Access Token into Zapier

pasted image 0-3


Step 7: Select a template if you are using the audit completion trigger

pasted image 0-4

Note: When creating a Zap, only audits completed after that time will be automatically actioned upon


Step 8: Continue through this step and ensure the last audit done for the selected template has data entered

pasted image 0-5


Step 9: Your test should be successful!

pasted image 0-6



Step 10: Now you choose how you want to automate your task. Select an action app

Do you want to automate an email, SMS, automatically create an Evernote? Choose from the many options.

pasted image 0-7


Step 11: Now you need to configure the action app. We’re setting up an email action here

pasted image 0-8


Step 12: Fill out your fields for the email action as desired

pasted image 0-9


You can click on the icon on the right of each input field, this will allow you to insert values from the audit into the email. You can select an audit value from the drop down list. 


Pasted image at 2016_01_05 03_26 PM


Step 13: You can customise the email that will trigger each time an audit is completed for the template

We have configured ours to always send to The subject will be Audit Completed by (name of who completed the audit will be placed here). The body section has the name of the template that was completed and the score and total score.

pasted image 0-11


Step 14: Zapier will show you the plain text version of the action (using the most recently completed audit as test data) – it’s good to be thorough!


pasted image 0-12



Step 15: Your test was successful and you’re almost done!


pasted image 0-13


Step 16: Name your zap, and turn it on. Your zap is now ready to make your life easier!

pasted image 0-14




Find out how our customers are using the new Zapier integration!

If you need any help with getting set up in Zapier, here is their support site.

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