Modify and display your inspection results in a way that makes sense to your business. Introducing the 2019 reporting experience.

We are creating a new reporting experience that’s available on the web and mobile app in 2019. Editing the look and feel of exported reports can now be done at the same time as you setup your template, this includes what information should be displayed in the report, and who should see the results every time an inspection is completed.

This makes it a lot easier to set up automated workflows. If you’re someone that isn’t near a desktop computer day-to-day, you’ll still have the option to modify a report on the mobile.

Here’s a quick look at what the new report experience will look like: 

Build your template, set up your report and create a workflow


 Send, share and notify the right people of inspection results

Reporting on mobile

What your new PDF’s will look like

Reporting FAQ’s

When will export profiles be transitioned to the new reporting experience?

Export profiles will transition by March 2019.

Is the new reporting experience accessible on the Android & iOS apps?

Absolutely. We are replacing export profiles with a much better experience that is user-friendly and allows you to make changes simply and easily. These improvements will be available on Android, iOS & desktop.

Which export profile features are available in the new reporting experience?

Features & OptionsCurrently on Export ProfilesWill it be in the New Reporting Experience?
iAuditor Default ProfileYesYes
PDF exportYesYes
Word exportYesDesktop only (Inspection List)
CSV exportYesDesktop only (Inspection List)
JSON exportYesDesktop only (Inspection List)
XML exportYesDesktop only (Inspection List)
Page options (margin & width)YesNo
Media options (Appendix text, resolution, quality)YesN/A
Omitting scoresYesYes
Address, barcode scanner, date/time, drawing, media, multiple choice, signatures, textYesNo
Information fieldsYesYes
Empty categoriesYesNo
Unanswered questionsYesYes
Failed itemsYesYes
Page numbersYesYes
Document numberYesNo
Audit titleYesYes
Section scoreYesNo
Score textYesNo
Font & colourYesNo
Confidentiality statementNoAvailable in the footer area
Cover pageYesCover and title page become one
Title pageYesCover and title page become one
Disclaimer pageYesDisclaimer page becomes a section
Table of contentsYesAvailable in PDF only
Audit (orientation, font, colour, width, padding, borders)YesNo
Media (show, orientation, page title, media per row, font and colour)YesMedia appendix in PDF only
Extra pagesYesTable of contents only
Send to default email addressYesYes
Subject customisationYesWill provide the default subject line
File, line 1, 2, 3, 4 YesNo

What will happen to existing export profiles that I’ve already set up?

Any existing export profiles you’ve set up will need to be set up again in the new and improved reporting experience.

What will happen to my cover page?

The title page and cover page will be the same thing in the new reporting experience. Instead you can add a background image and logo to customise how your report will look.

Will I be able to customise fonts and colours?

We have removed this ability for the new reporting experience as we want to focus on create more standardised reports for you. As with all of our features, reporting is ever-evolving and we would love your feedback to improve.

What are report filters?

Filters show and hide content on the web report, so as a user you can choose if you want to display certain information on your web report.

What are report preferences?

Preferences allow you to save filters globally. This means you can save multiple preferences for future use on any template (if you have admin rights).

Does the data centre the account has been created in impact a reporting user?

No. It doesn’t matter which data centre the account was created on.


Is the new reporting experience accessible offline?

No. In order to view the new reporting experience (web reports) the inspection needs to be synced to your account. You’ll also need to be online to send and view these reports to stakeholders.

What’s the maximum number of PDFs I can bulk export from the inspection list on the desktop?

Currently the limit of PDF’s you can export is 10.

Can I set up reoccurring reports to be sent off to an individual or group?

You’ll be able to send a reoccurring report to a group or individual with a preference attached to it. So for example, you could send a report with actions only every day, week or month. These options will be available in 2019.