iAuditor automatically creates a formatted report for you immediately after finishing your inspection. Use these reports to generate a PDF or interactive web document that you can share with internal stakeholders, or external clients and customers.

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Review the steps required to export to a PDF from the mobile app


Emailing PDFs through the mobile application requires your devices native iOS or Android mail application to be set up first. Find out how to personalize your reports by creating Report preferences.

Mobile: Steps to export a PDF

  1. After completing an inspection, return back to the "Inspections > In progress and complete" menu, and click on the inspection you would like to export.
  2. Click on "View & Download Report"
  3. From here, click on either 'Download PDF' or 'Send PDF' from the bottom menu.
  4. If you select "Download PDF"  a render of the PDF displays with options to save. If you select 'Send PDF' an email will open.

To export a web report from a completed inspection, click "View Report" and follow the same steps as above. Instead of opting to "Download PDF" instead choose to "Share Report."

Web App: Steps to export a PDF

To export any other format of the report (CSV, Word, etc.), you will need to do this on our web application.

  1. Go to "Inspections" on the web application
  2. Check the inspection that you need to export
  3. Note: You can check multiple inspections to export at once. However, the maximum you can export at once is 10 inspections.
  4. Click on the "Export" drop-down in the top right
  5. Select the format you wish to export (PDF, Word, etc.)
  6. Inspection file(s) will download
  7. If you need to send this, you can attach the downloaded file to an email through your email client.


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