Email Options within the Export Profiles settings allows you to default email addresses and customize the subject line and body of the emails that are sent whenever an audit report is exported and emailed.

The available Email Options are:

  • Default email addresses: To, CC, BCC
  • Subject
  • Email Body:
    • Line 1
    • Line 2
    • Line 3
    • Line 4

The Subject and Email Body can be populated based on information from the Header Fields in the audit, using the following symbols:

Variable Header Field
%t Audit Title
%m Document Number
%c Client
%l Template Title
%a Address
%p Prepared by
%d Date emailed
%e Time emailed
%g Date conducted
%j Time conducted
%b Date started
%i Time started
%f Date finished
%h Time finished
%n Personnel
%u Duration
%s Score
%r Total Score
%x Score Percentage

Save these settings to an Export Profile to reduce the number of steps to export and send an audit.