Disseminating inspection results is likely a key element to your job. And making sure stakeholders get the correct and most relevant information to them means that projects move forward faster. To help you do this, in the next few months, we’re creating a new reporting experience to help you share the most relevant results in a repeatable fashion.

Previously when you created a template, you had to switch to the mobile device to customize how your PDF and Word exported report will look and who it should be sent to. Now you can do it all in one go and completely set up your template, what information should be displayed in the report, and who should see the results every time an inspection is completed.

This makes it a lot easier to set up automated workflows and not have to switch between devices to make any edits.

If you’re someone that isn’t near a desktop computer day-to-day, you’ll still have the option to modify a report on the mobile.

A quick overview of your new options:

  • Filter content on your report, which will be available on both the web and apps. Hide scoring, failed responses, and send actions, only reports.
  • These filters can be saved, allowing you to customize the report on the desktop or "on the go."
  • Set up automated workflows so that sending the right report to the right person on time is easy.
  • Add a background image and company logo.


What changes are coming:

New Filter Options

Default Preferences to send and share

New-Look PDF Reports

Editing on the Mobile

If you use Export Profiles

When the new reporting experience is available for everyone, that does mean you will need to build your report preferences again. More information about what happens to your export profiles with the new experience is available here. If you have any feedback and concerns, please contact us.