Our new Scheduling Public API* allows you to reflect changes in company-wide inspection schedules across relevant sites at scale. With an integration tool or custom solution, it’s now possible to reflect these changes automatically, giving you back the time and energy to focus on conducting high-quality inspections without the administrative hassle.

Examples of how you might use the Scheduling API include:

  • You own a national chain of stores and want an inspection schedule to be changed from weekly to daily across all of them. You can use our Scheduling Public API to reflect this change across all stores through a script automatically.
  • You’re tired of manually setting up scheduled inspections every time a new customer project is started. Our Scheduling Public API can be used to automatically add the required inspection schedules when a customer is added to your system.

To implement a solution using the Scheduling Public API, you will need to build an integration. Learn more about how to do so.

*Note: this feature is available for iAuditor Premium users only. Learn more about Premium