Our new Issues experience creates a safer, more efficient workplace by making under-reporting a thing of the past. Giving you real-time visibility into what’s happening where the work happens.

A new comprehensive list of features: 

  • QR code to allow anyone to submit an Issue
  • Automatic capture of location & weather according to the frontline worker
  • Increased limit of the number of pre-set Issues categories
  • Video capture of an issue
  • Individual notification of an Issue

What you’ll love about this new functionality

Frontline workers have never been more empowered to capture anything they see. Using iAuditor, the worker’s location, weather, date and time are then automatically populated to provide context on the situation. Only needing to capture either a video or image to document the Issue, along with the selection of a specific category. Before answering some questions prompts to further describe the Issue. All categories & question prompts can be customised to your specific business needs.

After being assigned an Issue, you can engage in real time dialogue to diagnose the problem immediately. Afterwards, all interactions are automatically saved so that you can review areas that have the most commonly reported Issues and take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your workers.

Our new QR code functionality lets anyone raise Issues on the spot by scanning a physical QR code in your worksite, even if they don’t have an iAuditor account. 

What our customers are saying

Over the past few months we’ve been able to get customer feedback on some of these features. Here’s how it’s impacted their business.

Coffey Testing are experts in assessing ground conditions and the properties of construction materials. Before adopting Issues in iAuditor they faced a major issue in visibility over what was happening on the frontline. Mostly attributed to the 10-12 hour process of paper audits, scans and PDF conversion to report one Issue to their manager.

However, since adopting Issues the company has increased the number of hazards reported by +213% in the previous financial year. In turn, giving managers greater visibility & traceability to get to the bottom of Issues in real time which prevents costly lost time injuries in the workplace.

“Issues came out and it was a game changer, it changed everything we were doing to the point where now it’s simple. I can build questions and workflows in the issues tab within 5 minutes, to create a report.” 

— Cade Smallpage, Quality Manager at Coffey Testing

N.B. The rest of the case study will be published towards the end of September 2021.

What are my next steps?

Learn more by visiting the Issues FAQ support article