Correct reporting is mission-critical when it comes to inspections — making sure that the right information back to the right people is almost as important as completing the inspection itself. For example, your workforce might need to know what actions came out of a particular report to make sure that any issues are corrected. By contrast, a client might need to understand how their site performed, but not see unanswered questions.

Previously, we used export profiles to make sure your reports were set up correctly. But we’ve learned that many of our customers feel it would be more natural to set up how the final report format after building their checklist.

Introducing Report Preferences into the new Template Editor, your new option for quickly and easily setting up report formats. Report Preferences can be set when you finish creating a new inspection template. You can find it in the “Reports” tab at the top of the page of the Template Editor. Here you can customize how your reports will look for each template, allowing you to show/hide different information for each preference you save. You can choose one as default, but there’s no limit on how many you set up. At this stage, these Preferences only work on inspections created in the new template editor. Learn how to use Report Preferences here.

You’ll also be able to set up the “send to” emails for each preference too, to make sure that each type of report goes to the right person.

Shown above: Template Editor - Report Filtering