Use the SafetyCulture API to automatically create, delete or update response sets

We recently introduced response sets as a faster, more streamlined way of creating and editing responses to questions in your templates. With Response Sets you can upload, create and edit a multiple choice response set for any question, and use it across a number of templates.
For small response sets which do not change often - manual updates using iAuditor the web platform works efficiently. Maintaining larger or constantly changing response sets this way quickly becomes time consuming.

Using the API, you can now automatically create, retrieve, delete and update response sets to reflect changes in the reference data they represent in your environment. For example, a list of contacts attached to an audit question can be kept in sync with an external ever-changing contact list in your database or spreadsheet automatically.

Response sets can be attached to both questions and multiple choice items on an iAuditor template. Audits that are started after the response set is updated will have the up-to-date choices of responses available to them without any effort on behalf of the person creating the template or the one conducting the audit.

To get started with the response sets API, get an API token (requires a Premium subscription) and follow the instructions on our developer portal.

Got questions or a success story using the SafetyCulture API? Let us know.