From late 2019, the majority of our users moved to an upgraded actions experience. Now it's time for everyone who's still on the older actions functionality to move across so they too can get the benefits of additional visibility and context, timely reminders, and real time collaboration.

The new actions experience gives you eyes and ears on the ground at all times by empowering your team to turn issues into actions. Inside or outside of inspections, team members can assign actions at anytime. Due date and follow up reminders can also automatically be set, to make sure that actions are closed out in a timely fashion.

The new experience allows you to work together more effectively. Each action has a traceable timeline that looks like a conversation, where your team members can chat and add photos to keep everyone on the same page, and provides context so that everyone can make sense of the problem.

You'll also get access to Actions Analytics, exclusively available on the new experience, where you can track, follow up, and learn from actions common patterns. This includes spotting trends in action logging or resolution times, reporting on and comparing actions activity and participation by site, and the ability to accurately weigh response and follow-up on action items by priority.

For those users who are only just moving across to the new actions experience, don't worry - we’ll migrate your existing actions across so you don’t need to do anything. However, it’s important you’re aware of a few things that might change when we migrate your account:

  • Inspection templates created more than three years ago may no longer be able to link to an action
  • Actions cannot be shared between different iAuditor organizations, but you can assign an action to a non-user via email
  • The actions public API will work a little differently, but will continue to support the same requests

Can't wait for you to try out your new actions!